Monday, August 15, 2011

McCalls 8560- Miss Marple Robe

I stole my mom's idea to re-read all the Agatha Christie novels. I am limited by the library to only 5 books (!) until my card is 1 month old, so I checked out a 5-in-1 Miss Marple and a 3-in-1 Poirot. Then I forced Andrew to watch a Miss Marple on Netflix, which only is partial payback for forcing me to go watch Transformers 3 in 3-D. Worst movie ever!
My pattern, from 1966.
So now he has been calling me Miss Marple, since I am an old person at heart and like to do old people-y things. He talked me into a Miss Marple-like plaid in pink and brown. Oh, it's anti pill polar fleece. Thus, I present to you, the Miss Marple Robe/House coat.

Pattern: Mccalls 8560 from 1966. It's nice that McCalls dates their own patterns.

Fabric: Anti-pill polar fleece in a light pink and brown plaid

Notions: For some reason I already had two spools of light pink thread and I used two left over buttons from a jacket I made for my mom. Poor mom; I was too new to sewing and didn't take ease into account, so it turned out gigantic. 

Time: Maybe 3-4 hours, I busted out the whole thing yesterday.

Cost: $22

Wooden buttons
 It has a kind of crazy, Star Trek stand up collar, but whatever, it's just a robe.
 Pictures are taken on the front porch/sun porch.

I made no attempts to line up the plaid...

Dinosaur pose
 There are windows from the living room to the porch that serve no purpose.
Oh hai!
 Anyhoo, I now have an excellent robe for the winter and I used up another pattern from my stash. Yay!

On to curtains for the bathroom, a shower curtain and a closet curtain. I ended up buying the green, blue and grey circles on the white background. It should look really nice!


  1. That robe is super cute, I love it!!

  2. I think that is a great robe! I love the stand up collar it looks great on and probably very warm. I really like that style. I like the look of your new place too.

  3. Was it easy to sew with the fleece? I've never used it, but have a great vintage robe pattern. Maybe I should bust one out before the weather turns cold.

  4. Fleece is super easy to sew- you hardly need any pins and no seam finishing because it will never fray!

  5. Love the robe and my favourite bit is the collar...I think it looks really neat! Now I want to read some agatha christie!!!

  6. This may be the best robe ever. I ADORE the collar, and the dinosaur pose made me choke on my coffee. Hi. Larious!

  7. This looks very cozy and warm. Wouldn't it be great if it were actually cool enough in Chicago to wear a soft, fleecy robe? (I'm a fellow Chicago-based seamstress/teacher/blogger. Welcome to the Second City.)

  8. Wow, I've never been tempted by robe patterns, and I only just started wearing a robe after I got one for Christmas two years ago, because I realized it kept me warm in my parents' arctically cold home. Long story short, now I want to make one too! Isn't it nice when the plaid lines up and you didn't mean it to?


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