Saturday, August 13, 2011

McCalls 6539- 1940s pajamas

This is my pattern, from 1946. I made the short sleeve shirt, with a collar and the long pants. 
 As, I mentioned in the last post, there were no instructions inside and no pants pattern. I looked at the line drawing and guesstimated.
 They are kind of gigantic, but this is lounge wear. In fact, I am lounging in them right now. They are very comfy and it decided to rain all day, so it's fairly cool out.
 What you say 27 is too old for pigtails? Yeah, probably- but with amount of zits my evil skin has been festering, I don't look 27.
 Do you see the pocket? I lined it up perfectly with the print! Also, the pink buttons were on sale. Aren't the bears cute?
 The pants were a guessing game of randomness. I should have made a curved waistband! I always do that! So it has random darts in the waist and six darts on the front and on the back. They are rather voluminous, I feel link a skater punk.
 The back is simple.
 Here is my magical side closure. The envelope did not call for a zipper, but there were no instructions to clarify anything. They overlap kind of like the fly on boxers and then just button at the waist.
Time: Perhaps 3 hours

Fabric: Flannel with tiny bears

Notions: 5 buttons and more white thread

Cost: about $20

I'm happy with them! We also took the wiener dog to the dog beach and got him to swim. LOLZ! So hilarious! He would only swim from the sandbar towards the shore and he did not look happy. I'll have to make a video at some point!


  1. Great pjs! They do look really comfy! I love the closure on the pants!

  2. I love how you ended up doing the pants. The closure is really cute.
    And no one is too old for ponytails.

  3. Sweet! I love flanel pjs, they are very so comfy.

  4. Really cute and they look so comfy. I love the pigtails, very cute on you!

  5. 27 is NOT too old for pigtails! Pigtails are timeless, just like your awesome pajamas. Well done!!


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