Thursday, March 29, 2012

Next up: Red Silk Pendrell Blouse

Actually, it is complete, but the weather has turned and I can't get a decent picture yet. I'm going to wait until this weekend when the weather is supposed to be in the 80s! Yay. I tried to take a picture yesterday, but the goose bumps were clearly visible.
At Millennium Park on a warm, but foggy day last week
Soon, an exciting mystery project, another Pendrell in blue flowers and a blouse of my own "design" (aka tracing a blouse I already own). Nicer weather has improved my sewing mood!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A silk dress for spring!

I decided to remake this Vogue dress, 1161, out of the red silk Andrew brought back from China. I have been hoarding that fabric for about a year, trying to decide what to make out of it. I only changed two things from last time: I let out the skirt to the full length, because the other one rides up waaayyyy to high when I sit and I took a pinch out of the center fold of the bodice front pattern piece, which solved a slight gaping problem. 

Ta da!
 It is fully lined in Bemberg lining and it fits really well. I jammed my feet into my precious Mondrain sandals. That was hobbling. I wish those were a 6! First world problems, I know.
 The back fits nicely and the skirt has more flutter because I lengthened it. Now just keep in mind I am only five feet tall, so if you are tall you definitely need to lengthen this unless you want to show some leg!
 It's silky and nice to wear for the beautiful spring weather we are having!
This shows off the knot detail on the back and my French twist. I can so rarely do them correctly, I was pleased.

Now I'm off to work, have a great Sunday!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Double Trouble! Estate sale sewing loot

Thank you everyone who left comments on my last post on new blogs to read! Your weekend is my workweek at the restaurant, so I hope to look at all of them early next week.

Here is our typical estate sale adventure:
I choose the sales online and make a list. He drives. I navigate using my phone. We usually bicker at least once over his crazy driving or my terrible direction giving. We laugh. We look at estate sales. He carries all my loot. I pay. Repeat. Then I buy us lunch.

This is a pretty sweet deal for me, as this is one of my favorite things to do!

On to my excellent loot!
 I bought 2 silk scarves, a USA hat with an eagle on it (go Amuuurrica!) for Andrew and the Polish Drinking Team shirt for him too.
 We had been discussing buying a set of silverware, but everything at the store was so ugly. And look, I found a set of fleur de lis silverware! So cute!

Then I found a vintage pattern treasure trove, though sadly they were a dollar each rather than a quarter. They are so, so, so cute! I think I might trace them off and then sell the following ones. They are mostly 40s and 50s children patterns and just precious.

 Below are the ones I am definitely going to keep, along with a pieces of pink and white striped knit fabric I might try to make a swimsuit out of.
 You so jealous! You want a Mary Poppins costume in your size, ha ha too bad!
I also bought these cheap vintage ornaments. My future children will have Christmas nightmares about that smirking clown one, I'm sure!

Tell me which patterns you like the most!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Any good new blogs?

Hello ladies!

I want to add some new blogs to my list and hope that you have some suggestions! I would prefer smaller, interesting blogs. Tutorials and things like that don't interest me in the least or vintage lifestyle blogs. I like seeing finished sewing projects and learning a bit about people's lives...

Give me some suggestions is you have time! Thanks! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Pattern Winner!

And the winner of the four patterns is... 

Debi, email me with your address and I will send these off to you in the next few days! mollysewsblog [at] gmail (dot) com

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Pattern Giveaway!

This month I am giving away four patterns in a size 36 bust! These are all really cute patterns, so consider yourself lucky that I am too lazy to grade these down!!

Here you have Simplicity 7264, a dress with interesting seams and a jacket, and Butterick 2435, a jacket and skirt and back-button blouse pattern, and each piece can be made from one yard or less of 54 inch fabric. 
 Here you have Vogue 9458, a yoked dress with gathers and a deep pleated skirt. This one saddens me that it is too big! Butterick 2275 is cute, especially with the contrasting seam binding.
So, if you can fit a 36 bust or are willing to grade these up or down, enter to win! Same as last time, just leave a comment to enter and I will draw a winner on Monday, March 12. The winner wins all FOUR patterns, to use for your own sewing, not to just resell. I will ship them anywhere (by slow mail).

It's finally starting to warm up and that makes me want to sew again. It's supposed to be 70 on Wednesday, which is really exciting! If you want, leave a comment and tell us all what you're looking forward to making for the spring!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Welt pocket details

Here are some pictures of the welt pockets, which were time consuming. I make them so rarely that each time is like the first time. Thanks for the comments, Becca and Lauren! Sadly I can't let out the crotch seam because I decided to clip the curve (very thoroughly) before trying them on. Derp. I can't let out the sides either because the waistband is so deep and it is very securely stitched on and then topstitched down. 

In the daylight, you can see the pin-stripe as well. Here is a picture of the back:
Oh well! Live and learn!

Vogue 1051: Navy dress pants

I finally finished these pants and they are another failure. When will I ever feel motivated to sew if everything I make is so dissatisfying? 

The Vogue pattern was fine and I cut out a six. I need to just remember that I can do a 6 in dresses, but not pants. These are so, so tight. I used a nice navy blue suiting with a nearly invisible pinstripe. I did not make a muslin and I am paying for that, obviously. 
 They are so tight you will have a wardrobe malfunction, so to speak. It's not like I'm going to lose any weight,  as I am now scrawny from losing weight running around waiting tables. I am going to mail them off to Stephanie and maybe they will fit her!
 Andrew was mocking me as he took these pictures, telling me flattering things like "they are squishing your butt flat!" and so on. All true, though.
I don't think the welt pockets would pull open if they weren't so tight. All that time wasted making four welt pockets and a fly and sewing on the pants clasps. They are very nice looking and the pockets all look great!

Okay, maybe March will be the month when I start sewing great things again! I am making my red silk dress next and then I might bust out a few Pendrell blouses just to feel good! Wish me luck!