Thursday, April 24, 2014

Highs and Lows in New York City

We went to NYC during my Spring Break to see Andrew's fam and celebrate his dad's birthday.

While there, I had the opportunity to go to Mood, delight of delights!

Chicago is just starting to sort of become spring, but I am ready to sew some cute dresses and things! So I went looking for lightweight, happy fabrics with Andrew's sis. It was so fun.

I bought four pieces of fabric, one and a half yards of each. That's a reasonable amount of fabric for me to make a spring dress from, I think. Simple ones at least...

These two are both cotton knits: one is brown and white with a sort of plant print. The other looks like snakeskin print on a black background with the print in pink, purple and blue. It's cool.
 The one on the left is a cotton knit in a sort of tie-die pattern and the one on the right is a silk chiffon. It's animal-print-esque wiht pastel pink, green and coral. Me likey!
 The low, low, low of sadness:

I was walking around and it rained a little bit and the leather loop on my purse strap gave up the ghost and snapped. Now it is safety-pinned together and I am so sad. La tristesse.
All of the leather is very brittle and now its cracking. Any thoughts? Just use it until it all breaks? Condition it and pay to get the loop fixed? Buy a new one on Etsy and have the same thing happen in a month. I have grown to love my picnic basket and it has earned many compliments. Plus, I feel like a level-10 hipster carrying it around.

I got new glasses, too(new lenses in old glasses). I will post about them soon. I bought them at an estate sale in New Orleans, pre-2009, as they are NOT on my blog! How am I supposed to remember things if they are not blogged and searchable? Yikes.