Thursday, November 22, 2012

November Giveaway Winners!

Andrew and I went to my friend's wedding and it was super fun. 
 No, that is not the dress I was making...more on that later this week.

Luke and Andrew are beginning to brew beer. I bought them a kit as a joint b-day present (3 days apart).
 Luke and I had a Molly & Luke Thanksgiving II. It was delicious.
 We did not dress up. I am experiencing zit face remorse for passing out after the wedding without washing my face. So stupid. I now have six giant zits.
 And the winners:
Heather won the fabric!

Jeannine won the patterns!

Ladies email me your addresses at mollysewsblog[at]gmail (dot) com

Monday, November 12, 2012

November Giveaway!

Well, I know I have been slacking at blogging lately and I have forgotten to do a giveaway for quite a while...but I put one together! It helps that today is Veteran's day and I have a day off!

You have two choices: patterns or fabric.

Choice A:
Five patterns (and then winner will get all of them) Simplicity 6078, a dropped waist A-line dress (34 bust), McCalls 6087, a boyfriend jacket (S_M_L uncut), Mccalls 5676, stuffed dogs, Simplicity 5653, a 60s sheath dress (34 bust), and Butterick 2137, a sheath dresses with a collar option (34 bust).

 So they all fit a 34 bust or can be cut to fit one!

Choice B is fabric:

The winner gets both pieces of fabric. The ruffled sheer fabric is in two pieces, 35 by 15 inches and 22 by 70 inches. The orange boobs fabric is in two pieces, 35 by 26 inches and a tail of 25 by 10 inches on one side.
Just leave a comment saying which choice you would like, the patterns or the fabric. Leave a comment by midnight on Wednesday and I will choose two winners on Thursday!

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fabric for my test wedding dress

I went to vogue fabrics and discount textile outlet last Sunday and found absolutely no black lace or sheers that fit what I had in mind.

This is really just to practice boning a bodice and to have a dress to wear to a friend's wedding in a little over a week. I spent a lot of time browsing nordstrom's cocktail dresses online and decided black lace and sheers are really popular right now, so that's what I was aiming for.

Anyways, I am still working every day of the week so I don't have time to go check out fishman's yet or the vogue in Evanston. In conclusion, I went to Joann with a coupon on my phone to see what was up.

Almost everything was awful, but then I found this sheer black fabric that has tiny gold dots on it. They are metallic and very tiny and subtle. I really like it!

Now I need to go buy some shoes to match on zappos!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wedding Planning and Halloween in NOLA

We went to New Orleans last week to do some in-person wedding planning stuff. We checked out our venue and the guy explained how everything will be set up. This is where we will be getting married!
 The reception is in the same place, which I prefer. Everyone is already travelling to attend our wedding, this just makes it easier for everyone!

We also chose and ordered the cake, which will look like this:
Fleur Delish :  wedding new orleans Fleur De Lis Cake W Roses.jpg
Minus the roses, my flowers are different, but the cake topper will be flowers. Also, not fondant so the edges will be crisper and it will actually taste good! The inside is white cake and then layers of filling in almond cream and sliced strawberries and cream.

We also figured out the flowers as well. I really want peonies, but she said we have to wait and see. Sometimes they can get them from Israel in March, but not always. It's going to be lilac, white hydrangea, white peonies (or roses if not) and stephanotis. It should be really pretty! Sort of like these:
So we made a lot of progress. We still have to choose a photographer (which is horrifyingly difficult) and a dj and the order and send out invites. Bam, done!

We were also there for Halloween, so I went as the Miller High Life girl in the moon, which is the best costume I have ever made. A random person emailed me once to see if they could rent it, but I love it too much. Andrew went as Mitt Romney and had his binder full of women and made some pink slips to fire people. It was very amusing.
Pink slips

High life girl in the moon and Mitt Romney
We had a lot of fun and got to see our good friends, so it was a fun and productive trip!