Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Andrew and Steph on the streetcar, which was full of fun people. Andrew was a priest and everyone LOVED his costume, even though it took about 3 min to "make", aka stapling paper to his collar and drawing a cross on a book. Andrew had his picture with religious figures, Steph with other animals and I took mine with alcohol related costumes.
This guy made his costume too, and it was awesome. The Duff Man, from the Simpsons. I wish we had taken this standing up for better effect.
I don't know what these were, but they were awesome.

And, my finished costume. I am really proud of the hat and the sash. It is perfect!
Here is a good full-on pig and lady shot.
It was a great Halloween, and I'm glad I spent all of today feeling ill, rather than tomorrow, which is will be an 11 hour day at work...

I wonder where I could wear this costume again??

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Past Halloweens and an Owl

I posted this a long time ago when I had about 5 readers and my mom. I made this for Halloween two years ago, when I was just starting to sew again. It may have been my second or third project. I was insanely ambitious and made it all without a pattern. The sleeves are weird, and the back has slits instead of buttonholes, since I didn't know how to operate the attachment then. However, it is heavily interfaced so it's stiff as a board and it gives a corsety look. Plus, it has pockets, so that I could have my phone, camera, lip gloss, ID and money and have no purse. Actually, I am going to go rip open my red skirt and add pockets. What was I thinking? It also has a purple tulle underskirt to give it some foof.
I wore it last night to the Halloween dance. The kids had a lot of fun- there was a costume contest and a dj, etc, etc.
This was Wednesday's sewing club project. I took the idea from Burdastyle, where I saw these a few months ago. It's really a rectangle with a pointed top. Then you tack down the point to make the beak and sew on button eyes, stuff, and sew closed. It was a really cute and easy project. For our next meeting in three weeks, I am going to bring the Necci to school and we're going to try to start making pajama shorts. I just tried to spell that pyjama, and was confused as to why it was correcting me. Ha.
Super cute! Tonight we are going to the Quarter to celebrate Halloween, which should be super fun! Tomorrow I'll have pix of my costume, Andrew's, and the dog's.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long bridesmaid dress choices... vote!

OK, so they don't have actually photos that I can use because it's the kind where you can zoom in and out for details. I chose four long dresses that are possibilities, so click on each link to loook at them and then vote! You might have to switch them from red to lapis, which is the fourth box from the left in the second row.

I really want something that is flattering. I am 5 foot 0 and I like things with a defined waist, which is a good look for a tiny person.

Choice 1: Interesting neckline. I think the ruching around the waist would be flattering.

Choice 2: Sweetheart neckline and a defined waist as well.

Choice 3: Cute details, pleated bodice and fitted waist.

Choice 4: Strapless, cool draping and a waist band.

Thanks for voting! Next time I'll look at knee-length dresses!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting closer!

I added the swirls of ribbon. It was really annoying and lumpy, so I left it at one thin ribbon instead of three. Look at my photo genius- You can see the swirls in the mirror! That was an accident, of course...

As you can see I have also made my black and gold striped camisole. I did use my rotary cutter which is so fast and fun. They are 3 inch strips, and then they ended up about 2 inches wide. I made so straps. I am going to have three button closures on the back. It's pinned and ready, but I'm getting too sleepy.

Hat and sash, then the dog costume. Look at all the progress I'm making when I have a deadline! I need to make some public sewing goals and post them, so people will shame me if I start slacking!
PS This freak moth came in the other night because I left the window open and the light on. Just to give you a frame of reference, each of the strips of wood are probably two inches wide. This is by FAR the biggest moth I have ever seen. Look at its creepy fake eyes!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I spent some time last night sewing on my ribbon- now it looks so much more like a costume! It still needs one more row or swirls on the jacket, but I am nearly done.
Here is my sketch of T-Rex's costume. We jokingly decided on this last Christmas, since he has a big personality for tiny little dog. I find the term "Napoleon complex" offensive as it relates to people, but a dog is a dog.
On the left, gold and black for my top and scarf. On the right, blue velvet and white cotton for the weenie dog's costume. Andrew never decided on a costume, so he will prob be a pikgrim for the third time.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Progress and a Haircut!

Before the haircut shot (long and raggedy)
Back, after:
Front, after:
I only cut my hair 2 times a year, so this was fun. I just wanted shoulder-length layers, and the hairstylist did a great job! I am very pleased with the results, and hopefully the will withstand my "blow-dry head upside down" method of fixing my hair each morning.

And here is my progress on my costume:
It's starting to come together, right?
I went to Jo-Ann and used my 50% off coupon to buy the velvet for T-Rex's Napoleon Bonaparte costume. With that and my teacher discount card, it was seven bucks. Sweet!

Then I went to compare the selection at Hancock and the store was a mess and they were out of everything. So tomorrow, I will go back to Jo-Ann to use my other coupon and pick up the rest of what I need. Everywhere is out of gold ribbon and because I am an idiot, I only bought one spool, which is five yards! So I ended up going to Michael's and buying 5 99-cent spools of 1/4 inch ribbon. I guess I'll just double it up so it looks right.

On Friday the school is having a Halloween dance, and I think I'll wear my old Marie Antoinette dress. I can't really be telling the students I am a girl from a beer ad, right? :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Seriously, I love this car. I wish I had the money to buy a new car. I would be so cool driving it like a maniac! Time to win the lottery, I guess... and not the Shirley Jackson kind...

Dodge Challenger- if you haven't seen this car in person, it is a million time more awesome that the pictures!

On a sewing note, I am almost finished with my short sleeve jacket for my costume. I got my hat in the mail from amazon, and it's perfect!

Our kickball championships are tomorrow, so I hope to finish my jacket and hat and buy my fabric for the cami and scarf later this week. I have perfected a third-baseline kick to get on first. Yay me!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bridesmaid dress thoughts?

My friend is getting married in March and I get to be a bridesmaid for the second, and probably last time. She has decided that we all need to pick a dress in the same color, lapis, which is a nice purple.

Here is the website for the dresses: David's Bridal.

I like some of the styles, but there are a lot to choose from. First step is fabric, because the bride wants the fabric to match, and then everyone can pick styles suited to her own body type.

I think I like more of the chiffon styles, but that was in a sleepy haze this morning. Vote in my poll to tell me what you think.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If you recall, I am going to be the High Life girl in the moon for Halloween. I ripped the end off of a box of beer bottles, for inspiration.

I ordered the straw hat online on Sunday, so that should be on its way. I also bought 5 yards of red cotton, just to be safe. So far, I have made the circle skirt and part of the jacket. Granted, it looks like a whole bunch of nothing, but I have made the fronts and back, with all of the princess seams. I mastered those making my navy blue dress, so I blasted through that last night.
The skirt is super simple, and I made it on Sunday, zipper included.
So I need to:
1. Finish the jacket
2. Make the black and gold top
3. Make the sash with hearts.
4. Sew on all the ribbon.
5. Make hat red.

And ta-da! Done!

Then, I am making T-Rex a tiny Napoleon army uniform too. It'll be AMAZING!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cupcake Dress Pictures

This is my pattern:
From a distance, by a fountain in City Park.
Closer. I think it's impossible to get a picture without the wiener dog in it.

Close-up of the bodice. Those are really buttonholes, although it it not necessary to use them to put it on.
The belt I made, which is really cute.
The back of the dress:
Sitting in the sun.
And, on a fun note, imitating the pose of fountain girl.

I am really happy with this dress. I think it needs one more snap on the side to close up the flap, but I am going to do that now and then wear it some time this week!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Amazing Vintage Dress Finds!!!

I went to three garage sales in Metairie this morning with Andrew. We also got him a Blackberry for his birthday. That took forever- cell phone stores are so stupid.

This was at the last sale we went to- three awesome, new-with-tags, vintage Swirl dresses. I was looking at a rack of clothes at the estate sale, and the lady next to me said "those are so cute, but they're a 16." I looked anyways, and they are a vintage 16- a world of difference!

Here's the tag: "in just 25 seconds you'll be lovely in this"
It is as easy as it says to put on.
These are the store tags: Maison Blanche, an old department store on Canal St that is out of business.

Inside tags:
Dress #1: A light blue with some discoloration along the stomach and on the tie. If it can't be soaked out with Oxyclean, I can always dye it a little darker blue. Look at the giant pockets! One website said it's probably from the 50s or early 60s if it had big, patch pockets and a below-knee length skirt, which all three do.
Beautiful detail along the collar and the tops of the pockets.
They all have swirly buttons.
Dress # 2: a medium blue hounds tooth with ribbon details.
Dress # 3: A dark blue and green plaid.
I don't know what this detail is called, but I do know I would never have the patience to sew it.
And some other stuff: corn on the cob holders and a Flintstones glass.
And, the cutest little mug ever. Always drink your milk!!!
Today I will wash the dresses, since they have that musty old house stink. The do all need to be hemmed, since they hit me at the bottom of my calf, which is such a flattering look....

Tomorrow I will have pictures of my completed cupcake dress! I do think these dresses deserve their own photo shoots as I fix them up, right?

Oh, p.s.- They were $9 total!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cupcake Dress Update

I know some people are bored with work-in-progress updates; if that's you, goodbye! :)

I have been sewing so slowly lately with school. School isn't overwhelming me like last year, but it is time consuming. Plus, I have had some unfortunate after club late nights- two times parents didn't come pick up their child until after 6pm- when the club ends at 4:30! We are legally not allowed to leave until the kids are picked up, obviously, so it was unfortunate!

However, I have made the skirt for my dress. Now all I need to do is to sew the skirt to the bodice, make two buttonholes and sew on the snaps and buttons. I hope I can finish this tomorrow!

Dress overall- remember, the skirt isn't attached, so it won't be crooked.
The giant, awesome collar.
The buttons I chose for it out of my stash.
The many-pleated skirt. They are in little groups of three, maybe 30 total?
It definitely is now the Cupcake Dress because it is so poofy and pink. I will look like a big dorky cupcake in it. I doubt it will help me look 26, and not a middle school student, but oh well! You only live once!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A walk around the block

I finished to bodice of my pink dress, and was going to post a picture. I left the usb cord plugged in though, and it always drains the whole battery. Does anyone else's camera do that? Pah.

So, I will instead give you the story of my afternoon walk with the dog around the block. From the perspective of T-Rex, of course.

Exit door, race to the first corner to see if the cat is there to be chased or smelled. Smell cat.

Walk the next side to the second corner, smell things, pee.

At second corner, stop and dig in heels; refuse to walk farther. Act terrified, even though we walk this route every SINGLE day. Be dragged by the neck around corner by Molly, evil Molly.

Hesitantly walk the next side of block, poop. Try to kick it onto Molly. Try to run in the street while she picks it up. Try to walk back the way we came.

Be dragged or encouraged to the third corner, while being terrified by the sounds of high school students playing basketball at the school.

Race around the third corner, with hair on back in mohawk, ready to bark at German Shepherds. Pull Molly like a sled dog.

Bark, be scolded.

Race down the street towards home and around last corner.

Run across yard, go inside and go back to sleep.

The end.