Thursday, July 26, 2012

From Oregon...

We had a fun trip to Oregon to visit my parents and my brother, who came back from South Korea. We did lots of fun things like hiking at Opal Creek, feeding the beagles, going to garage sales and a winery and other fun. We even went crabbing for the first time at the coast! It was not really crab season yet, so we only caught four or five and they were either female or too small to keep. 
 It was fun to see my whole family together with Andrew there too. I got to see my friends from home as well and it was a wonderful break from work!

Look, my mom made me a purse! Isn't it cute? The best part is that it matches my awesome Minoru jacket perfectly. It is pretty big and if I put it flat on a table, I can easily find all of my things inside. 
I have great pictures from the road trip from Oregon to Chicago that show off my last dress that I made. Maybe tomorrow?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why have you not been sewing, Molly?

Most importantly, my bff Stephanie and her bf came to visit us in Chicago! Yay! They drove (15 hours) to see us and we had a week of fun. So much fun, perhaps too much. Hilariously, Stephanie turned up with the exact same Forever 21 dress so we dressed as twinsies to go to the Reddit meetup. Meeting a bunch of strangers from the internet was surprisingly fun. Ladies, it was like 15 guys to each girl, so you should consider attending the next one... hahaha. 
 We also wore our matching children of the world skirts to the pride parade, which was fun.
 We ate out a ton, played Cards against Humanity of course, did all kinds of touristy activities and even drove up to Milwaukee to do the Miller tour. That was both cheesy and fun. I wish I had worn my High Life girl costume, but I didn't even think of it until we got there. Oops.
Point being, I obviously did no sewing that week. Then, the next week it was sooooo HOT. So hot. Like 100 degrees for days on end, and we have no A/C. It was terribly hot in the house, so I was relieved when it was time to go to work, if only to be cool. 

Now, today I am going to Oregon to visit the rents and then my babby brother is going to move to Chicago, so we are driving back in his car. This will be a fun trip!

Also, I spent the last month or two obsessing over the Game of Thrones books. A friend from work recommended them, and Andrew got them for me on the Kindle app, so I simultaneously became obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire and reading on the ipad. So my sewing seriously got neglected as I blasted through the five 800+ page books. They deserve a separate post at some point.  

I will be gone for the next week and a bit, so have a great mid-July and tell me your vacation plans for the summer!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pattern gift!

A few women I work with at the restaurant sew, so that's fun! I so rarely meet people in real life that like to sew. Diana gave me these patterns, which were her mother's. She only has sons and didn't plan on using them so I got them. Yay! I especially like the scalloped dress with the wrap skirt.

Which one is your favorite?