Sunday, February 9, 2020

Vintage Toy Box Refinish

I bought this toy box at an estate sale in 2014 when pregnant with Max.

It then sat on the back porch/in that basement for years waiting to be repainted. 

Claire turned two in September and now I have energy again and am feeling like a real person, or as much as you can when working with two little kids. 😂

I seem to only get stuff done during school breaks, and following that pattern this was painter over Thanksgiving break. 
As you can see, they were a bit rusty in places and scuffed up. I had some leftover glossy trim paint from when we painted the condo, so I used that. Two coats later and it looks great!
Now it holds dress-up clothes and looks a million times better! 

Only took me five years to get that off of my to-do list! 😂