Sunday, November 24, 2013

McCalls 6408: Red Sweater with Ties

I bought this pattern quite a while ago, maybe even a year ago, at one of Jo-Ann's 99 cent pattern sales. It is McCall's 6408 and it makes a sweater with or without ties at the waist and an angled hem. I went for view B, the girl in red: waist ties with a flat hem. Perhaps I am overly influenced by the cover photos, but I wanted a red sweater.
I bought some lightweight knit at Jo-Ann in a nice blue-red. Orangey reds look terrible with my skin, but sometimes it is hard to find a blue-red. Since it is fall/winter, there were a lot of knits from which to choose. 

This pattern is easy to make, since it only has five pieces: back, front, sleeve, band and ties. After making it and trying it on, the original length and the ties really made it look like a bathrobe. Plus, even though I cut an XS, it was really baggy. 

I have a similar sweater from Express, so I used that to cut it to a more suitable length. Now it hits just above my hip, and it looks much better.
Tied in the back
 I ended up cutting a bit off of the sleeves and narrowing the sleeves about an inch. It made the sweater look fitted instead of potato-sack-esque.
Unfortunately, my photographer-slave did not tell me it was all bunched up. 
 I did not hem the bottom or the sleeves, since it is a very light knit and I think it will just curl up a tiny bit. That is how my Express sweater-twin was "finished" so why not? My machine does not sew knit hems very professionally, so less is more this time.
Tied in the front.
 I also finally cut my hair right before parent teacher conferences. I saw this girl's haircut on Reddit and decided I liked it a lot. My hair is not as dramatically long, but it's in layers and goes into a point in the center back.

See, I did make something! Andrew and I have been working on the Singer 66, too, and I will post some project updates soon!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Exciting news for me!

Finally my paperwork is done and everything is finalized, so I can finally tell you all that I HAVE A TEACHING JOB! After so long! I am so, so happy.
I now work in Chicago at a regular neighborhood high school teaching French! It's the same place that I substitute taught for about a year and half. The French teacher retired suddenly (which is what I had been waiting for, TBH) and now I am the new permanent teacher. All of the paperwork and things took about a month and I was the "long-term sub" until everything was complete.

I taught World History before in Louisiana, so this will be my first time teaching French! So, Andrew found his new awesome job and then less than a month later I got my long-awaited teaching job. It has been a good autumn for us both!

While having a real job is more time consuming, I do have some projects to show you. It gets dark at like 4:30, so I have been waiting for the weekend to take pictures.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Giveaway Winner!

Sorry for the late drawing! The winner of the November giveaway of four patterns for a 38 bust is....


She is a mom of three and has made some cute projects like the Squid and the Duck birthday party. So cute. Email me at mollysewsblog (akkkk)

For December, in the spirit of the holidays, I am going to give away some actual things. Still sewing related of course, but more like the stuff I acquire at estate sales claiming I will sell on Etsy and then never do...
If you want to buy a Swirl wrap dress, I do have three listed right now. Probably fits a 34-36 bust, they are too big for me. :( for me, :) for you.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Pattern Giveaway!!!

Here is November's giveaway. These patterns are from an estate sale a few weeks ago. While they don't fit me, they were too cute to pass up and now to pass them onto a good home!

There are four total and they are all a bust 38. Leave a comment to enter and I will choose a winner on Wednesday November 13! 

Advance 3030 has a circle skirt, vest and blouse with a bow at the neck.
Simplicity 5891 is such a pretty dress!
Butterick 2353 has a simple skirt suit and blouse.
Simplicity 3331 is a slightly weird 40s blouse and jumper outfit. 

I will ship them anywhere! Good luck!