Saturday, October 18, 2014

Estate Sale Loot- Sewing and Baby!

I went to one estate sale two weekends ago and then to the Walmart next to it. Walmart is so far away it is like an adventure, precipitated by the fact the all of my underwear was getting sausage-like. Andrew stayed home so I got to browse the socks/tights/underwear department without his complaints. I bought slips in nude and black in two lengths for this winter, and some nylons and lots of underwear and some sports bras. It was delightful!

The estate sale was fairly good. I was  going to get more patterns, but the lady wanted two dollars each, which is a tad ridiculous. It's not like any of them were older than the 60s or particularly interesting designs. 

This pattern could make a maternity dress, and I am going to use this crazy piece of polyester I found. 
 Another dress that could go maternity a blouse, a cute apron pattern and a kid pattern.
 This metal purse thing. I put it in my purse, maybe I will keep lipsticks in it or something.
 A vintage nightgown that is a little bit frou-frou.
 I also got this vintage toy box. I think it is really cute with the circus animals! It needs to be cleaned up a little bit and I am going to repaint the inside and trim back to a solid white. That should be really easy!
 It's pretty lightweight and shouldn't take up too much space. So that was officially the first baby item I bought... at an estate sale...not so surprising!
Andrew was sick last weekend and then I got sick, so the whole of last week was wasted. I am kind of behind for this week's stuff for my online classes, but I do have a finished project from a few weeks ago that I still need to take pictures of!