Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Next up- McCalls 5818 wool pants

This is my pattern, which I picked up on a 99 cent sale at Jo-Ann quite a while ago. I wanted to make pants and I had this pattern, so I thought I would give it a shot. 
 I have a pair of wide-leg slacks that I bought in Paris from H&M in 2004 that I really love. Hmm, I guess I really do like them! That is quite a long time ago.
I am using this wool from my estate sale loot. It cost a dollar and is about 1 1/2 yards of about 60 inch wide wool. I know it's wool because it has that sheep stink when I press it with the iron....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Simplicity 4256- Vintage print blouse

Yay, I finally made something I like after my disappointing jeans project. I made this 1950s? blouse pattern from one of my vintage fabrics from the estate sale a few weeks ago. I made the folded down collar, but with the short sleeves from view 3. 
 My fabric has an awesome print of hearts and lines in red, white and blue. I only had 1 1/8th yard, so there wasn't very much matching I could do. I barely managed to cram all the pieces onto it. I had less than a handful of shreds left at the end.
 This only took a few hours to make, as it was very simple. I shortened the torso, as usual. The front pattern piece had the facing included, but I has to cut it separately and add a seam. Totally unnoticeable.
 For notions, I used some royal blue thread I already had and some of my many miscellaneous vintage red buttons. I have a lot of really pretty red plastic ones, but usually I only have 2 or 3 or each type. I used three small, round ones with an interlocking circle pattern and two that are flowers. Andrew said that's weird, but I told him he;s not allowed to have opinions that differ from mine- at least relating to my opinions of my own sewing projects. Hee hee.
 I was able to line up the sleeves so that they have a heart and a big X on each. That's cute.
As it's already getting cold here, in my opinion, it will be nice to wear with jeans. Under a jacket. Brr.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Next up: Simplicity 4256 blouse

My mom gave me this pattern, I think. I am going to make folded down collar from view 1 with the short sleeves from view 3. 
 This is my fabric, which is from the recent estate sale loot. It is only 1 1/8th yards, which is such a small piece. I am trying to figure out how to cram the pieces on there, while still somewhat matching the sides in the print.
Either way, I have tons of vintage red buttons, so it will use up some of those!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tiny Napoleon Bonaparte- dog costume part I

If you were following my blog last year, you know that I had planned on making T-Rex a Napoleon Bonaparte Halloween costume. My costume took a long time, so it got put on the back burner and I just forced him to wear his Chiquita Banana costume instead

With all of the restaurant training (5 days, with 2 more to go!), I only had time to make this this week. 
Crying because he jammed his ball under the sofa. What a fun game!
 As you can see, it is a blue velvet coat with tails and some very fancy details. He still needs a white cravat (lol) and a tiny blue tricorne hat. So it's not quite complete, but still!
Looking at Andrew with sad eyes and refusing to look at me or come onto the porch. 

Sad dog hates his costume, but too bad- I love it!
 You can see his epaulets, made from gold ribbon.
I had all the trim and buttons, I bought the velvet and the white fabric for his cravat last year.

I can't wait until it's finished. Anyone have any ideas on how to make a tiny tricorne hat?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Andrew Halloween costume: Inspiration

I asked Andrew id he had any good ideas for his Halloween costume. He did not, as his only idea was to make a papier mache Forever Alone guy mask and wear normal clothes. Lame!

I am wearing last year's costume, of course, because it took so long to make!
I showed him my idea, which is to make this Jolly Green Giant costume and he agreed happily. It helps that he is 6 foot 3, so he practically is a giant! I'm thinking green spandex bodysuit, and felt or cotton tunic with leaves and leaf hat.

Any other possibilities for construction?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vision Quest Jeans: Version 1

Well, these are not exactly a resounding success. But, for my first pair of jeans i have ever made they are not that bad. As in I could donate them to the Goodwill and someone would TOTALLY buy them for 4.99. LOL.

These pictures just make me think about how poor fit can make your body look so gross. These pants are like "Oh hai, Molly! We brought you a muffin top so you can look 10 lbs heavier than you really are! Yay!"
 Front changes for next time: Everything 5 inches above the knee is too tight. Waistband needs to be cut on the curve, even though it didn't seem like it had been.

Knees down: A+
 Future changes: The pockets still have too much scoop. Also, the side seam veers to the back sharply above the pocket.
Pay attention to me!

 Future changes for the back: I think the back would be fine if I made the other changes I mentioned: more ease in the inner thigh and a curved waistband.
 I did a good job constructing these. The fly is perfectly flat and looks exactly like the fly on my example pair
 My topstitching was very straight. Yes, I did sew giant cursive M's on the back pockets. Why the hell not- Molly Made, Molly M. M M M M M M M M M
 Since I do not have a serger or a zig-zag stitch, I bound all the exposed edges with pink bias binding. I made the pockets out of a pink cotton with sprinkles.
They are built to last and withstand many washings, which they will never need as I do not plan to wear them. In case you can't tell, they are a tad snug!!!

I have restaurant "training" this week and crap for my online class, so who knows how much sewing I'll do this week...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vision Quest: Making my own jeans!!!

The temperature has droped here in Chicago, so I started thinking about making pants. 
T-Rex sez: "Oh my lord it's cold! Why did you bring me here!"
 These are the best fitting jeans I have ever owned. They are Citizens of Humanity "Faye" which they no longer make. They are expensive and very well made. New ones cost between 150 and 250 bucks, which is insane. I got them at a resale shop in New Orleans in 2006 for 35 bucks because they had been hemmed. LOL. I still had to hem them.
Yes, my sweatshirt says "Raisin hell in Dundee, Oregon" and has a California Raisin on it.  Thrift shop gold!
 They were originally much darker, but I still love the fit. I decided to trace them onto muslin and make a pattern. Then I went prancing off to Jo-Ann and spent 60 bucks on denim and jean-making supplies.
 After coming home and thinking about the money I spent, I paused and forced myself to make a muslin, even though I hate that. I especially hate picking it apart to use as a pattern, so I used this monstrosity of a cotton in my stash. Can you believe I thought about making a DRESS from this? Good gods!
At this point it is okay to make this face:
So, I'm glad I made a muslin, cause these looked like shit!!! Not only are the pockets way too big, the waist was gaping and horrible, there's some terrible under-butt wrinkles and the crotch! Even Andrew was like "that's some scary camel toe." Really, it's more like V-crotch. Still terrifying.
Somehow this didn't put me off of my project enthusiasm and I spent most of Friday busting out a pair of jeans. I'll try to finish them today and take pictures tomorrow. They are really not bad for a self-made pattern and my first time making jeans!

Oh, and feel free to mock the fit of my muslin. hahahahha!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

McCalls 6203- A wardrobe from a sheet

First off, thanks for all the feedback on my last dress! It made me really happy!

I started this a week or two ago, but then lost my motivation. 

My pattern is from the 50s/60s. I was amused when I opened it because some later seamstress had altered the pants into bell bottoms. Ha!
 Fabric: a yellow, flowered sheet from the Salvation Army. $3.

Notions: 5 large white plastic buttons that I had, and a zipper I had

 I am surprised, but I actually like the top a lot. The dark jeans calm the craziness down and it fits pretty well.

Time: Not including all the time I procrastinated, just a few hours.
 Cost: fabric, 3; zippers and buttons .25; pattern .25; super cheap outfit.
 It's hard to see, but the shirt has flaps on the sides for some ease.

I also made the skirt which turned out to be huge. I have no idea why when I measured a 34 inch waistband I didn't stop and think. I was too excited about working out the pleats. So, yes, it is about 7 inches too big. I pinned the back for the picture. I think I'll offer it up in my 300 follower giveaway, if I ever get there. Maybe I'll do it for Halloween if not!
 Wearing them together is a bit terrifying.
I am on an exciting sewing quest for the weekend! More news about it tomorrow, with pictures of my muslin. Don't die of shock! I really did make one! It's not even 12/12/12 yet, OMG!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vogue 1161- A pretty awesome pattern!

My fabric: cotton from the estate sale a few weeks ago. It has blue, yellow and burgundy flowers and stuff in patterns. (You can click on the picture to blow it up)
 Time: I have been trying to enjoy sewing as much as possible this week, since I start the restaurant training on Monday. This is not very complicated and I only had to look at the directions for turning the bodice lining, which is pretty impressive for a Vogue pattern. Maybe 3-4 hours.

 I thought to include my scary-spice pose, as it is funny and shows off what I am calling the "under-butt ruffle"
 I made this out of 1 1/4 yards fabric and 3/4 or a yard lining.
 The back has this cool knot detail, which is really pretty!

Notions: just a zipper. This is also my Molly's Ew. I dug through my drawer of zippers and found a baby blue metal one that worked. I sew in half of it by hand. I zip it up to pin the other side to match and the zipper goes flying off the end! AHHH! Please, do not be as stupid as I am. It was a zipper that closes on both ends, so I just hacked off that little stopper and did not see the consequences!!! Fortunately, Andrew somehow fixed it and saved me gallons of agony.
Cost: fabric, 1; zipper .25; lining 2.75. I love sewing! Awesome dress for 4 bucks? Awwww yeah!

So, I love this dress. I cut a 6, and while it is snug, I don't feel like a sausage. I am going to make it again soon    using the red silk Andrew brought me back from China. Wouldn't that be hot? When I make it again I am going to elongate the skirt piece to get more under-butt ruffle and take a dart out of the center neckline bodice pattern piece so that the neckline doesn't gape so much. I think all of you should buy this pattern (on sale for 2.99) and make it. It is easy and beautiful!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Next up: Vogue 1161

I went to Jo-Ann to buy some cheap lining for this project, as I am using one of my estate sale pieces that is only 1.25 yards. In the lining section, there were 20 bolts of "palm" medium green lining. It just cracked me up. It's not a very Christmassy green, so I can only imagine it was an accident. 
 My dress will be made from a blue paisley cotton using Vogue 1161.
 It has a lot of cool details that the leopard print hides. I was able to make it from just 1 1/4 yards, when it requires 1 3/4. I did some creative piecing and it really helped that the skirt is made up of so many tiny pieces.
I cut a 6 instead of an 8, so we'll see if I look like a sausage....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dress Love- I want to copy this!

Has anyone else been watching Project Runway this year? I quit watching it three or four years ago because I got so sick of crappy people winning, but now I am liking it again. Point being, for some reason it is an hour and a half long. When it was over I turned on the end of a Bones episode, knowing I had probably already seen it. I had, but it had this dress in it!
 I had searched high and low online and could never find anything about it because I didn't remember the name of the episode or anything. The pictures suck because I took them of the tv. Now I know that its episode 6.4, but there are still no pictures of it!
 Now, I know you're thinking "really, Molly? After last weeks epic failure at color blocking, you think you should make this dress? LOL!"
I love this dress! I want to make it! I want to know what the BACK looks like! It's so flattering and hot! I wants it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Butterick 6944- The crazy diner waitress dress

First some good news! I found a waitressing job! Yay, so now I will soon have income! Not at a diner, though... Also, I took three of my teaching endorsement tests yesterday, and I feel pretty confident about them, even the French one (which I thought I might fail!). 

On to the only thing I made this week: 

Fabric: navy and off white fine wale corduroy

Notions: 1 16" front zipper, 2 white vintage buttons

Cost: About $13

 Look at my crazy face! Ha!
 Time: Maybe 3-4 hours spread out over several days
 I did buy the "Awesome!" brand paper towels.
 Molly's Ew: The front facing was supposed to be off white, too. I made it blue.
 I don't really like this dress. Maybe because I am so small, but the collar and the pockets are way too big and make the proportions off. Also, the colors make it look like a diner uniform or something. I am not a fan.
 Firsts: sewing with corduroy, making a dress with a FRONT ZIPPER!! (which looks excellent because I did it by hand), making pockets that double as belt loops ...
Meh. I told Stephanie I would mail it to her if she liked it. I really do not. Ok, I'm going to go make something more fun and hopefully more successful.