Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tiny Napoleon Bonaparte- dog costume part I

If you were following my blog last year, you know that I had planned on making T-Rex a Napoleon Bonaparte Halloween costume. My costume took a long time, so it got put on the back burner and I just forced him to wear his Chiquita Banana costume instead

With all of the restaurant training (5 days, with 2 more to go!), I only had time to make this this week. 
Crying because he jammed his ball under the sofa. What a fun game!
 As you can see, it is a blue velvet coat with tails and some very fancy details. He still needs a white cravat (lol) and a tiny blue tricorne hat. So it's not quite complete, but still!
Looking at Andrew with sad eyes and refusing to look at me or come onto the porch. 

Sad dog hates his costume, but too bad- I love it!
 You can see his epaulets, made from gold ribbon.
I had all the trim and buttons, I bought the velvet and the white fabric for his cravat last year.

I can't wait until it's finished. Anyone have any ideas on how to make a tiny tricorne hat?


  1. I love his costume, that is so creative. I don't know how you will make his hat but Iknow it will
    be awesome! I can't wait to see the finished costume.

  2. Hee hee, very cute! I wish I could make my cats wear costumes.

  3. OMG Molly, you're adorable and so is your dog. I am totally not into the dogs in costume thing but I very much salute this one. Vive Napoleon! Also a tri-corner hat is just a hat with a round brim and you fold up the brim on three sides and tack them into place. You could probably get a doll sized one from the craft store or make on out of felt.


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