Monday, September 19, 2011

Vision Quest Jeans: Version 1

Well, these are not exactly a resounding success. But, for my first pair of jeans i have ever made they are not that bad. As in I could donate them to the Goodwill and someone would TOTALLY buy them for 4.99. LOL.

These pictures just make me think about how poor fit can make your body look so gross. These pants are like "Oh hai, Molly! We brought you a muffin top so you can look 10 lbs heavier than you really are! Yay!"
 Front changes for next time: Everything 5 inches above the knee is too tight. Waistband needs to be cut on the curve, even though it didn't seem like it had been.

Knees down: A+
 Future changes: The pockets still have too much scoop. Also, the side seam veers to the back sharply above the pocket.
Pay attention to me!

 Future changes for the back: I think the back would be fine if I made the other changes I mentioned: more ease in the inner thigh and a curved waistband.
 I did a good job constructing these. The fly is perfectly flat and looks exactly like the fly on my example pair
 My topstitching was very straight. Yes, I did sew giant cursive M's on the back pockets. Why the hell not- Molly Made, Molly M. M M M M M M M M M
 Since I do not have a serger or a zig-zag stitch, I bound all the exposed edges with pink bias binding. I made the pockets out of a pink cotton with sprinkles.
They are built to last and withstand many washings, which they will never need as I do not plan to wear them. In case you can't tell, they are a tad snug!!!

I have restaurant "training" this week and crap for my online class, so who knows how much sewing I'll do this week...


  1. These pants are like "Oh hai, Molly! We brought you a muffin top so you can look 10 lbs heavier than you really are! Yay!"

    I nearly fell off my chair, laughing at this!

    Not bad for a first try, though! I'm sorry you put so much effort into them and they won't work. Can you not alter these for some of the changes? (Tear out and replace the waist band, let out the side seams, etc)

  2. Spectacular success, apart from not being able to wear them, of course! They look exactly like blue jeans, and they couldn't be so tight if they weren't really sturdy!

  3. What an excellent first effort, really sad for you that the fit isn't perfect. I bet you'll get it spot on next time. I'm still impressed that you've taken on such a mammoth challenge...eek!

  4. Much better than I could have done! And I agree with Heather, that comment nearly had me rolling on the floor...

  5. If you'll never wear them, are these going up for sale?
    They are beautifully made and I admire you so much for this jeans-making adventure. I hate wearing jeans because they never, never fit me nicely (I have no butt -_-; ) but I'd never, never care enough to make a pair of jeans because of all the necessary details. And the fact that when you're done they still look like jeans. Well, they do if you put this kind of effort in! Wow!

  6. I think you did an excellent job on your jeans and you should try to alter the waistband so that it curves and couldn't you adjust the side seams so they are a little looser? They are so well made you should wear them!

  7. They look so good for a first try! My poor attempt at fly-front jeans-style pants are still sitting in my UFO pile.

  8. That's too bad that they ended up too tight! Good for you though for venturing into Jean Territory. They look well made and the inside pink binding is so cute!


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