Thursday, September 1, 2011

Curtains 11-14: A newly lovely dining room

Now that looks like your sewing room, you say.
Sure, but it is also the dining room and we have even been eating dinner at the table consistently every night! Like human adults! 
(PS getting the ottoman and getting rid of the coffee table really helped eliminate the "eat in front of the tv" option)
 Pattern: No, ma'am. Silly! 4 giant rectangles!

Fabric: "A Waverly Bonded Glosheen" "100% combed cotton" "Everbrite Dyes" "Le Bistro"
  This is one of the pieces I got at the estate sale last weekend. It is 34" wide, which is random and there were probably 10 or 11 yards of it. I used four 70" pieces.
 Time: An hour or two. Hemming rectangles is very monotonous, but fast.

Notions: I have been obsessively sewing my tags into my projects ever since my bathrobe a few weeks ago. It's silly to have curtains that say "Fashioned by... Molly M," yet I like it. Someone at my hoarder estate sale will know THESE were made by Molly M. Also, made free floating ties from leftover green ribbon.
 Cost: $1
 The print is of a French bistro menu, I guess with items and prices (prob in francs) How super cheap!
As a little extra bonus, I got a CTA transfer ticket in my bag of notions. Anyways, now when the tree loses its leaves in the fall, no one can spy on the dining room! Hee hee!


  1. Super cute!! I am so glad you found the perfect use for the french fabric or the fabric printed with french words LOL

  2. your curtains look lovely. That fabric is fabulous, I really love it, and it's perfect for a dining room!


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