Monday, September 12, 2011

Dress Love- I want to copy this!

Has anyone else been watching Project Runway this year? I quit watching it three or four years ago because I got so sick of crappy people winning, but now I am liking it again. Point being, for some reason it is an hour and a half long. When it was over I turned on the end of a Bones episode, knowing I had probably already seen it. I had, but it had this dress in it!
 I had searched high and low online and could never find anything about it because I didn't remember the name of the episode or anything. The pictures suck because I took them of the tv. Now I know that its episode 6.4, but there are still no pictures of it!
 Now, I know you're thinking "really, Molly? After last weeks epic failure at color blocking, you think you should make this dress? LOL!"
I love this dress! I want to make it! I want to know what the BACK looks like! It's so flattering and hot! I wants it!


  1. Maybe this butterick pattern would work:

  2. YOU would look great in it!! Good luck finding the best pattern to use. And remember, if at first you don't succeed try, try again. that does apply to color blocking!!

  3. Yes, I'm watching it reluctantly as well. It makes me a little stressed to watch people mistreat each other, even though I watch for the amazing design.

    I love that dress too!


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