Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Box o Patterns: Keepers for me

These are more from my box of patterns. In this case, they are all roughly my size or are shapless and I like the style. 
 These all have some potential, I think.
 These do too, maybe.
These, maybe?? Maybe I would like a boxy coat, or a caftan, or perhaps will wear leiderhosen for Mardi Gras of Halloween? You don't know!!!!

Tomorrow will be all the ones I dislike or are not even close to my size. You might want to take a look because I wills ell them all on etsy at some point.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Box o Patterns: Keepers

While I may be turning 28 next month, I am not at all ready to have any children. However, I am not above hoarding sewing patterns for these imaginary, far-off future children. 

These were from my box of duplicate patterns that the pattern archive at U of Rhode Island was selling, which I found through Lisette's blog
I am going to keep the boy bathrobe pattern. I am going to mail my mom the Vogue pattern, if she wants it. I already have the yellow blouse pattern, so I will sell this duplicate. 

When you buy more patterns only to end up with doubles, is that a sign that you are hoarding too many patterns?


Friday, January 27, 2012

The hat quest: final results

Here is my dad wearing all of the hats I made for him for Xmas. I had to draft my own pattern and it took a lot of time and a lot of failures to get anything resembling a golfing/driving/ Irish tweed cap. They are still not exactly like a store-bought one, so maybe I can perfect my pattern in the future. 
Failure 1- not exactly a hat.
Failure 2: Tiny train conductor hat
Failure 3: A slightly too floppy and large driving cap!
A nice "final version" in plaid flannel.
 The second "final version" in a thin wool. I think the color was called dill.

So, they are really easy to make when you have a pattern already made... but making the pattern was really hard. At least now I know hats are not that difficult to make!

I just got a huge box of patterns from Lisette, I'll post pictures of those this weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vogue 1121- The NYE dress

This dress took me a long time to finish and I am less than in love with the final product. 
 Here are some awkward self-timer shots. It was a battle with the light being too bright and then too dark and then trying to find a angle that didn't make me look like a giant/too far away. Bleh.

Anyways, I am no photographer, obviously. I can't wait until the days get longer and I can get Andrew to take pictures outside again!

 It is very fitted, except for the sleeves. I didn't really think that through and I'm noticing it in the pictures.
 The side fits fine.
 My main point of disgust for this dress is the neckline. It looks awful and the fit is awful. It goes too far to the sides, showing bra straps, and it is also DESIGNED to have that stupid inset in the neckline. I had hoped I could leave it out (I also called it the "Modesty Panel" the entire time I was sewing) but in the end the neckline is just way too low and gaping. So I sewed it in, but I really think it has a "oops, let's fix this neckline that's too low, but I'm already done sewing the dress" look. But they designed it like that! Why????? 
See what I mean about the neck?

This pattern is a "NOPE" for me and I won't ever make it again. It was a disappointment. I may still wear this dress at some point, but I do not love it. That's two meh items for January. I am losing my sewing mojo with all of these icky items!

Well, I am off to Oregon to visit my parents for about a week. I am going to take pictures of my dad in all of his hats and then put him on the interwebs. hahahahaha. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Butterick 4083- the Meh blouse

I used the pattern on the bottom right, which looked like a nice and elegant blouse. I used a piece of fabric from an estate sale that is beige with yellow and blue flowers.
 Front: meh
 Back: meh
 It was super unravelly, so I did finish all of the seams in "Nile green" rayon binding. I used a zipper that matched. I tried to omit the zipper, but I couldn't pull it over my giant head.

It looks equally meh on. I need to stop using fabric just because it was super cheap and from an estate sale. It blends in too much with the pasty whiteness of my skin and is completely gross looking.

Off to the goodwill for you!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Next up: New Year's Dress

I picked up this pattern on sale recently. It's another of Vogue's "let's make this pattern up in a fabric so that you can't see any of the details" collection. 
 The line drawing shows how it has a billions pieces, all with princess seams. I decided to cut out a 6, to make it snug and because waiting tables has made me skinny again. I lost 1"-1.5"- 2" from my measurements.
 I don't think I even posted about this fabric from an estate sale. They were all severely overpriced, so I only got this one piece. It is knit fabric and I didn't realize until later that it was a 2 yard long tube of fabric.

It is grey and white with gold sparkly thread woven in. It's design reminds me of one celled organisms. I think it will be a slightly flashy, sexy dress. Whoo hoo!