Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Butterick 4083- the Meh blouse

I used the pattern on the bottom right, which looked like a nice and elegant blouse. I used a piece of fabric from an estate sale that is beige with yellow and blue flowers.
 Front: meh
 Back: meh
 It was super unravelly, so I did finish all of the seams in "Nile green" rayon binding. I used a zipper that matched. I tried to omit the zipper, but I couldn't pull it over my giant head.

It looks equally meh on. I need to stop using fabric just because it was super cheap and from an estate sale. It blends in too much with the pasty whiteness of my skin and is completely gross looking.

Off to the goodwill for you!


  1. I think it looks nice. Maybe you could make a bright colored skirt to jazz it up?

  2. I agree with Rebecca. I think it looks nice. Really nice. I love the pleats in the front a lot. A bright bottom would definitely give the top some umph.

  3. I hate when a project comes out dull :( Maybe you could add brightly colored piping to the pleats? Sometimes though you just have to accept something can't ever be improved.

  4. Sorry but I agree with you... Pattern looks ok though.

  5. I think you can jazz it up, I like the pattern and it turned out really well you just need a brightly colored bottoms!! What about your new years dress, I want to see that!

  6. It is a bit forgettable. but then sometimes they turn out the most useful items-it would look nice with a mustard/goldy pencil skirt and a bit statement necklace?

  7. Thanks for the laugh. I'm having a bad week and there's nothing like "giant head" remarks to make a girl smile. I, too, am guilty of buying fabric because it's super discounted. I have a ton of that and then when I buy something that's just beautiful, I can see my mistake -- why not have less of remarkable fabric instead of more Meh cloth? I digress. Have you considered dying it?


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!