Friday, May 15, 2020

Halloween 2018- Voltron and a Fox

Max was very into Voltron when he was 2-3, which is funny because now he thinks it's too scary and won't watch it! 

Andrew took the lead on this one and constructed his costume from cardboard and tape. Here is a fitting.
Andrew spent at least a week cutting and building it, and then I helped paint it. I enjoy painting, so that was fun. We got really detailed with the black sharpies. 
It happened to be beautiful weather that year in Chicago so we had a very nice time trick or treating and Max looked cute in his costume. After awhile we took off his arm and leg shields, as they were making it hard for him to go up and down the steps to every door. Whoops, that was an unseen design flaw!
Claire wore Max's old fox costume which I had stored in the basement. I just went to link to the post, only to find I never posted it! I actually didn't have to alter it at all, and I left the feet on because they fit into her shoes. That actually worked well so it wouldn't ride up her legs in the stroller and make her cold. 

Only a year and a half ago, but they look so small ❤️


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Vintage Toy Box Refinish

I bought this toy box at an estate sale in 2014 when pregnant with Max.

It then sat on the back porch/in that basement for years waiting to be repainted. 

Claire turned two in September and now I have energy again and am feeling like a real person, or as much as you can when working with two little kids. 😂

I seem to only get stuff done during school breaks, and following that pattern this was painter over Thanksgiving break. 
As you can see, they were a bit rusty in places and scuffed up. I had some leftover glossy trim paint from when we painted the condo, so I used that. Two coats later and it looks great!
Now it holds dress-up clothes and looks a million times better! 

Only took me five years to get that off of my to-do list! 😂