Monday, December 14, 2009

Obsession: Mint Truffle kisses

I have only had them for two days, but it has become an obsession!
They are soooo delicious! I bought them for my secret santa at work, but I am going to eat them all myself!!! Awesome!

In progress: a cape

This cape, from the movie Atonement, was my inspiration. I saw it in the theatre, then went and bought a vintage pattern for a cape on ebay. I really love how it looks reversible.

Then, not last October, but the year before, I bought some very nice cream wool and black wool at Mood when I was in New York to make the pattern out of.

Last December I pinned all the pieces on the cream wool and cut them out.

And last week I dug them out of the Mood bag to try to get this rolling. I would love to have a cape. It would be so sassy.

Any thoughts on a cape? Sassy vs. crazy lady?