Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! I am really excited to be engaged, now that it seems "real."

Recently, I bought all of the Sewaholic patterns that I did not yet own. I love all of Tasia's patterns and it is nice to support an independent designer. Plus, all of her patterns fit really well as long as I cut a 2. The Lonsdale will be my choice for the maxi dress that I was planning. I think it will be awesome. That is my crazy estate sale fabric in the background. 

As I cut out the pattern while watching Breaking Bad, I had Andrew crumple up all the extra tissue. He says, "Are you sure? What if you make a mistake?" I say "It's just cutting on the lines. It's not like this is hard!" 

Cut to about two minutes later when I realize not only did I cut off the front skirt piece at the short line, but I also had already had him crumple it to bits. I am a genius, people!

We also babysat the neighbor's dog this weekend. T-Rex just loves Daisy and she calms down his craziness. Minus when we would leave the house and she would howl, pause, he would bark, pause then repeat.
Hopefully off to sew a bit! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Exciting News!

Andrew proposed last Wednesday and I said yes! He complete fooled me into thinking this was a dressy work-related dinner, but when we got there no one else was there... He planned it all very carefully, apparently weeks ahead of time and it worked- I had no idea!

So cute!
I am so, so, so excited we are thinking about next spring in New Orleans! He bought me a little ring, but we are going to choose one together this week. A wise man knows when he has a super picky girlfriend...

Most importantly, I am obviously going to sew my own wedding dress. It will be amazing!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Giveaway Winner

Well, the winner for the April patterns is Rainpatter!
Email me your mailing address at mollysewsblog{at}gmail{dot]com.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Two silk scarves = One cool blouse

This blouse was my sample for making the new one. My mom bought it for me at Christmas. The front is chiffon and the back is solid yellow jersey, like the bindings. It is really simple and cute. While it is simple and loose, the drape of the fabric gives it some shape. 

I bought these two very large silk scarves at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I put them on the table in my sewing room and after looking at them for a while, I decided the colors complimented each other very nicely.

The one on the left has a sea green background with jousting knights on horseback. The one on the right has Japanese-style  garden scenes with highlights in the same light green. I think they were each one dollar.

Basically, I traced my sample blouse adding seam allowances and making it slightly longer. I tried finishing the edges with some light green rayon seam binding, but it just did not work and look horrible. In the end, I cut it all off and made fabric bands to finish the edges. Yes, I did take that idea from the Renfrew top. It worked and looks better.
 The bands on the neck and sleeves are from the blue scarf and the bottom band is from the green one. It is reversible and I can wear either side as the "front."
 The back as the front. I prefer the blue side as the front, but I don't know why.

 Anyways, I am really pleased with myself. I finally made a casual, yet pretty, top that I can wear with jeans. It will be perfect for the spring and summer because it is so lightweight. The silk is so smooth and has that almost fuzzy soft feeling. I will attempt to refrain from running my hands all over my shirt... but only in public! Hahaha.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Giveaway

Don't forget to enter the April giveaway for four patterns! I'm extending the entry date until Sunday because it's not like I'll go mail them this weekend anyways!

Look at my new Birchbox! I got my mom (and me) year subscriptions for Christmas, but of course I forgot to take pictures of the first four... derp. It's a box of beauty samples you get every month in the mail and so far it's been awesome. 

Happy Saturday!

Monday, April 9, 2012

April Giveaway!

First, I have this giant piece of fabric that I want to make into a maxi dress. It's really lightweight and maybe silk. Or something that feels like silk. I have yards and yards of it from the fabric hoarder's estate sale last summer. I really enjoyed wearing my long dresses during Mardi Gras and I will NOT accept that maxis are only for tall girls. 
 My actual question would be: Do you know of any cute maxi dress patterns? Preferably with thin straps or at least sleeveless...

On to the April Giveaway:

To enter, leave a comment by Friday April 13 (haha) and you will be entered. The winner wins all four of the patterns. I expect you to use/hoard them or regift them and not sell them. These are for the small ladies, unless you enjoy grading patterns...
Butterick 3677 in size A, which is 8/10/12 for 34-36 hips. Some sexy elastic waist pants. Simplicity 6186 is for a 32 bust, a 70s dress with a big collar in two lengths.
 Simplicity 3435 is for some 50s style high-waisted capris or shorts. Waist 25, hip 34. McCalls 7704 is "misses dress or blouse, jacket or vest and skirt. Bust 31.

 So, enter if you want them! Good luck!

PS I just bought some Pantene smoothing hair stuff and it made my hair so soft! It's so smooth! Holy cow! Usually it has tons of flyaways and feels crispy. Oh la la!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Red Silk Pendrell

I tried to get some outside pictures but the light was too bright, especially with the whiteness that is my skin... It was horrifying. So here are some from the front porch!

This was made with the last of my red silk that Andrew brought me from China last year.
 Untucked is a little shapeless. Maybe a belt would help. I made a 4 last year, but I have lost some weight since then. A 2 probably would fit better.
 There is a flaw in the silk right in the front. It looks like a tiny white speck, but it is woven into the fabric. I of course only noticed this as I was sewing. Oops.
 From the side it is nice.
 Check those ruffles, my favorite part!
It's a decent blouse and I'm sure that I'll wear it... when the weather warms up a little!! 60 degrees is still too cold for a silk blouse.

I have been making a secret project and soon I will get together my April giveaway!

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Versatile Bloggers!

I received this award from Crissy, whose blog I have loved for quite awhile. She is always hilarious and exciting!

Seven things about me:
1. I am back in the springtime teaching job hunt... wish me luck.

2. We are currently watching Breaking Bad obsessively and it is awesome. No spoilers, we are still in season 3! Any suggestions for another series to watch when this one is done?

3. I am trying to get T-Rex to perfect his "pretty sit" where he sits on his hind legs. It is so cute. His fat body is lacking some abs/balancing.
Business dog.
4. Andrew introduced me to Reddit and I think I have wasted (enjoyed?) an entire month of my life of that website. I love the askreddits the most, like today there was a "What's the worst gift you ever received?"

5.I love having raditor heat. I can put my towel on the radiator and then after I shower it's roasty toasty warm!

6. Tragically, I did not win last week's Megamillions lottery. Sniff. But I needed 500 million dollars! :)

7. I bought this game, Cards against Humanity,  from amazon (after seeing it on Reddit). It's just like Apples to Apples but all the words are better or dirty or hilarious. Soooooo fun! 
The person who plays the black card is the judge for the round. Everyone plays their best card in their hand and the judge gets to choose the winning white card. I just drew these at random to show you the hilarity. We played it once so far and it was so fun. So much hysterical laughing. 

I know you are supposed to nominate people, and I have no idea who has/has not received this award, so here are a few of my favorite blogs:

Meg is hilarious and excellent
Susan taught me how to use the Ruffler through her tutorials
Lladybird is always looking adorable and making 50 things a week
Camelia Crinoline makes cute vintage items and claims short like me, but I can't believe it...
Vivian Von Dimples creates burlesque costumes
Lisette sews and speaks French and is awesome!

Have a great day!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Look at this fabric!

It's a polyester tulle with raised tulle rosettes all over!
It is so great! I saw it at JoAnn and it was 50% off, so I bought the end of the bolt. (You could buy some too!)So I have about 2 2/3 yards, but I don't know what style of dress to make out of it!

Any suggestions?