Friday, April 6, 2012

Red Silk Pendrell

I tried to get some outside pictures but the light was too bright, especially with the whiteness that is my skin... It was horrifying. So here are some from the front porch!

This was made with the last of my red silk that Andrew brought me from China last year.
 Untucked is a little shapeless. Maybe a belt would help. I made a 4 last year, but I have lost some weight since then. A 2 probably would fit better.
 There is a flaw in the silk right in the front. It looks like a tiny white speck, but it is woven into the fabric. I of course only noticed this as I was sewing. Oops.
 From the side it is nice.
 Check those ruffles, my favorite part!
It's a decent blouse and I'm sure that I'll wear it... when the weather warms up a little!! 60 degrees is still too cold for a silk blouse.

I have been making a secret project and soon I will get together my April giveaway!

Happy weekend!


  1. This is really, really lovely Molly! It looks especially nice tucked in!

  2. What a pretty Pendrell! I just love this pattern but I somehow misplaced the back pattern piece. oops. Looks like I'll have to redraft it from the photo! Oh, I also received the patterns this week! YAY! So excited! Thanks again for hosting such a fabulous giveaway!

  3. So pretty, that is a beautiful color on you. I think that the blouse with a belt would be a nice look too! I can't wait for your secret project...

  4. This color is GORGEOUS on you!! The ruffles are glorious! I personally love wearing mine with a belt or tucked into a high waisted skirt. Well done!


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