Monday, April 16, 2012

Two silk scarves = One cool blouse

This blouse was my sample for making the new one. My mom bought it for me at Christmas. The front is chiffon and the back is solid yellow jersey, like the bindings. It is really simple and cute. While it is simple and loose, the drape of the fabric gives it some shape. 

I bought these two very large silk scarves at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I put them on the table in my sewing room and after looking at them for a while, I decided the colors complimented each other very nicely.

The one on the left has a sea green background with jousting knights on horseback. The one on the right has Japanese-style  garden scenes with highlights in the same light green. I think they were each one dollar.

Basically, I traced my sample blouse adding seam allowances and making it slightly longer. I tried finishing the edges with some light green rayon seam binding, but it just did not work and look horrible. In the end, I cut it all off and made fabric bands to finish the edges. Yes, I did take that idea from the Renfrew top. It worked and looks better.
 The bands on the neck and sleeves are from the blue scarf and the bottom band is from the green one. It is reversible and I can wear either side as the "front."
 The back as the front. I prefer the blue side as the front, but I don't know why.

 Anyways, I am really pleased with myself. I finally made a casual, yet pretty, top that I can wear with jeans. It will be perfect for the spring and summer because it is so lightweight. The silk is so smooth and has that almost fuzzy soft feeling. I will attempt to refrain from running my hands all over my shirt... but only in public! Hahaha.


  1. Ooo LOVE LOVE LOVE the green side ! What a clever idea ! And you look just too cute in it too ! xx

  2. What a great way to make a couple of scarves into a beautiful top. I love that it is reversible - well done.

  3. Really pretty and I love that it goes with jeans or could be worn with work slacks or a skirt. I'm thinking I might try this!

  4. Great idea on upcycling the scarves. I love the print and the drape. It looks like it would be a great summer blouse. Love it!

  5. Oh wow, what a great way to use up pretty scarves. I love your top, it's so flattering and it can be worn casually and more formally too! I love both sides, but I think that perhaps the blue looks better on the front as it compliments your skin tone best...just a thought ;o)

  6. Hey, you look great, I am never that inventive with vintage scarves that I have hanging around.

  7. THat's amazing I love it! Beautiful top.

  8. What a beautiful top! I love the idea of using printed silk scarfs. I often see scarfs with prints that I love, but then don't buy them because I don't really wear scarfs (not as scarfs anyway). What a creative way to use them!


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