Sunday, May 25, 2014

Belated Giveaways: January and February

I finally made something, but it is patternt esting so I can't show you. School is almost over, only three more weeks! I am finally feeling relaxed, the weather is getting nicer and nicer and now I will sew some cute stuff. I organized my sewing area, packed away my Vogue coat until the fall, and went through all my patterns to see which ones would work for Spring/Summer. These are all patterns that I know I will never make, so they will be my belated giveaways starting with Jnauary and February. :0 

This is January's giveaway: Please note, these are all teen patterns and are very tiny! I'm talking 28-30 bust. So if you are tiny, or have a tiny tween daughter or really enjoy pattern grading, these 8 patterns are for YOU!
 Close-ups below: 1940s patterns McCall 4062 for a 30 bust, and Simplicity 1221 for a 29 bust.
 60s-50s-40s: McCalls 5936 for a 31 bust, Advance 9423 for a 30 bust, and Simplicity 1180 for a 29 bust.

People email me from time to time trying to get me to sell /scan and email/copy and give them my Advance 9077 pattern, for an adorable sundress, which was one of my first projects I ever posted on my blog. I don't know why this pattern in particular is so important, but there is a picture of Marilyn Monroe wearing a similar dress, so maybe that's why?

I have no plans on selling it or doing work for strangers, but maybe people should consider similar options like the Advance 9423 in the center. Only the sleeves are different, all the other pieces are identical. Maybe one of the independent pattern companies should recreate it, certainly people think it's cute.
 Simplicity 6159 for a kilt style skirt for a 23 inch waist, Simplicity 9375 for goofy overalls for a 22" waist, and McCall 8073 for a goofy puritan look I think a 31 bust.
 So those are "January's" giveaway, now on to Feb!

Feb's giveaway is for six patterns for a 32 inch bust and are kind of a random mix of things...
 Simplicity 7423 jumpsuit, Simplicity 6973 wardrobe pattern for knits, Simplicity 9164 peasant dress.

McCall 6814 coat, McCalls 6018 pyjamas, Simplicity 6498 for more knits.
If either of these options sound appealing, leave a comment and make sure to say if you would like January (tiny) or February (32 bust). Enter by Wednesday, May 28th if you're interested. I will ship them anywhere.

Thanks for looking at my (not yet abandoned) blog!