Monday, January 30, 2012

Box o Patterns: Keepers

While I may be turning 28 next month, I am not at all ready to have any children. However, I am not above hoarding sewing patterns for these imaginary, far-off future children. 

These were from my box of duplicate patterns that the pattern archive at U of Rhode Island was selling, which I found through Lisette's blog
I am going to keep the boy bathrobe pattern. I am going to mail my mom the Vogue pattern, if she wants it. I already have the yellow blouse pattern, so I will sell this duplicate. 

When you buy more patterns only to end up with doubles, is that a sign that you are hoarding too many patterns?



  1. I think I may even have triples of some, lol. Don't worry, having too many patterns is like having too much money, it's not possible.

    Those kids patterns are too cute. I'm only 21 with no kids in site and I hoard them to. We have to be prepared after all. :]

  2. Cute patterns and yes I will take the Vogue blouse pattern, I think it would make a nice blouse! I too have been hoarding vintage baby layette patterns and keeping my fingers crossed! hahaha


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