Thursday, September 8, 2011

The last batch of vintage ads!

These are the last of those ads I got in June, I think. I gave the vast majority away to a girl from Freecycle before we left New Orleans, but I kept these to take pictures of. 
I love the girls face: Oh pig, you don't even KNOW!

Just because I like Ritz crackers

This because that would be an awesome doll for a kid, and because I think that should be Andrew's Halloween costume. LOLZ!

This is precious. I hope T-Rex doesn't bite off my future children's faces. He is so afraid of small children.  Dachshunds can live to be 15 or even 20, and he is only 5!

Wow, what an amazing "pocket camera"! Which I took a picture of using the miniature camera inside my phone. Ha. Also, the dude's hair!!!

For the original release of Cinderella, "a love story with music"

Oh, Pepsi! You so fun!

I really like these Lifesavers ads, in case you haven't noticed. 

Now, I cook with a ton of butter, but that seems a bit much!
Still working on my dress, which I am adding front darts at the waist to improve the fit and I need to re-hem it. It is the frumpiest bottom of my kneecap length right now. And then pockets, and I'm done! Woot!


  1. The ads are so neat...The guy with the hair is Michael Landon, he played the father on little house on the prarie and he always had great hair!!
    I agree the jolly green giant is the PERFECT costume for Andrew for Halloween, you should start working on that now!!
    I like the pic of the dog with the little boy and I hope T-Rex does not bite off the faces of your future children too, my grandchildren.

  2. LOVE these - got a big laugh at the poor pig's expense!!! I think you should make a Green Giant rag doll. Just sayin.

  3. Now that is scary, I had a camera just like the one in the ads. Does that mean I'm vintage??

  4. Michael Landon did have great hair, even when he was ill.


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