Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Garage Sale Loot!!! Chicago edition

On Saturday, I dragged Andrew to an estate sale in Rogers Park. It's pretty far north, but only ten minutes or so away because we live pretty far north. I went because in the ad it said "lots of fabric"!

This was another awesome sale of an Old Lady Who Loved to Sew's stuff. Sadly all the patterns were for a 38 bust (wayyyy to big for me) and were mostly from the late 70s to 90s (pretty meh for style, in my opinion). It was the last day of the sale, so who knows what was there before... but that also meant everything was 50% off! Woot! So, I got a ton of stuff for $16!

Going around the world from 12 o'clock: brown and pink tweed, blue heart cotton, orange poly (and when I say poly, I mean scratchy 60/70s poly like I made this dress out of!), green woven poly, blue flowered cotton, huge orange and yellow flowered nice cotton, blue rainbow striped silk, green leaf printed cotton, yellow and brown paisley silk, and orange and brown circle poly. 
 Also, this one. We were both sad I had already made kitchen curtains as it has all kinds of cooking stuff in French all over it. All of the pieces are at least 1-2 yards and some of them, like the one below, are huge pieces! There was a whole room of fabric and even some entire bolts of denim and curtain stuff. Every piece I bought was a dollar. How cool is that!
 I also bought three patterns, which will be part of a giveaway as they wouldn't fit. Two potholders, which saved me a trip to wal-mart. That bag of notions was only 2 bucks. It is full of hooks and eyes (my frenemies), about 15 metal zips in all colors and a lot of bias tape and hem facing.
I'm feeling greedy and I wish I had bought more! I need to remember that a lot of it was just ugly and I bought the cool pieces! Here's hoping there's more estate sales in the future!


  1. Nice haul. Love the fabrics (even the polyester) and the patterns. I must get to an estate sale one of these days.

  2. What great finds! I always love finding awesome fabric that people don't need anymore.

  3. You were lucky to find all that good stuff on sunday, I usually find the leftovers that nobody wants! I like the kitchen fabric too, you'll think of something to make with it.

  4. Fabulous finds!!! I may need to check out Rogers Park more often...

  5. Finding fabric at estate sales is the best, especially at only a dollar!! That cooking fabric would make such and adorable apron. :]


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