Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vogue 8333- Let's call it a test run...

First things first, look how good my lemon tree looks! After the move, it lost every single leaf and then grew new, bigger, greener leaves. They are all avocado sized, which is probably 3 times bigger. I guess it hated the heat! I have it on the sun porch, where it will sit next to the radiator in the winter and keep it happy.
 On to the pattern. We shall call this a muslin or a test run because otherwise it's just another EPIC FAIL. Plus, I look like a vampire in this lighting. If I had known, I could have put on my sparkly "illuminating" face powder and pretended to be an idiot from Twilight!

Time: 6 hours-ish

Fabric: Ponteroma knit

Notions: Buttons that I already had, brick red thread

Cost: $23

Pattern: Vogue 8333

 This pattern runs big, or has way too much ease in it. I cut an 8, which according to the pattern is for 31.5-24-33.5. I mean, I had a 24 inch waist sophomore year of high school, but that was 11 years ago. I am about 33-26.5-36 now. So I thought if anything, it would be snug, which was fine since my fabric is a heavy knit.
 No, it is huge on me. It came out to 38-34-46 measurements. That's a huge amount of "ease" Vogue. Aren't you meant to be the more stylish pattern company? The shoulder seams fall about an inch off of my shoulders, the sleeves need at least an inch taken in and the body is huge too. This was disappointing. See below- it's like my arms are webbed to my body, like a flying squirrel.
 Try to ignore my drunken expression (though I am not drunk) and look at the left shoulder. I pulled it up to where the seam should be, and it looks way better and the sleeve is no longer too long.
 The back is droopy and loose.
 Horrifying is probably the best word for the side view.
In conclusion, I doubt I will be strutting around in this in public, except for some slovenly dog walking.

I think I am going to cut the pattern down to a 6 (the smallest size) and then pin it to my dummy and take up the shoulder and in on the sleeve and the side. I pinched it in while it was on, and it wouldn't even make the armhole tight. It is too loose!

In conclusion, it was good for practice. When I remake this pattern, I know that it will fit really well and look nice. The pattern itself is nicely made, especially the collar construction with a stand and when I do it right I left out all interfacing, the roll line, the lining, etc) and know it will fit, it will be worth it. I do recommend buying it if you can get it on sale for 3.99 like I did.

Anyways, you can mock me this time- THIS time... or leave helpful suggestions like "burn that in your backyard!"


  1. wow that is really something : ( It looks like it is 3 to 4 sizes too big, I just don't get it. The color is really nice on you, if you do make it again I would advise you to use the same fabric if you liked it, at least color wise that is!

  2. That really is huge! I would be careful about making alterations based on the behavior of a knit and then sewing the jacket in a woven. You may benefit from a woven muslin of the jacket, too. I find Burda magazine patterns fit a small frame much better than the big 4 (I'm 5'1" and at your age sewed a size 8 or 10 in vogue).

  3. It seems like the pattern companies have gotten on the vanity sizing bandwagon as well. The colour is really nice though and I like the shape, apart from the fact it's too big. I think it will look really good if you sew it again in a smaller size.

  4. Holy crap that's a lot of ease! I thought the whole point of sewing was to get away from the moronity (I made a new word ;-P) of vanity sizing.

    I wont be all "woe is me, I am so tiny" - but how ARE smaller girls meant to find something small enough then?
    Which applies to the other end of the spectrum of course but geez - the pattern companies should keep out of it!

    I got burnt by a Vogue vintage reissue which was ENORMOUS. I stick to proper vintage patterns now.

  5. Wow, I wonder why all the ease? My only guess would be because it is a Claire Schaeffer, that it is cut/drafted for someone with a body more than 40 years old (you know, a dowager hump and all). Still! Good thing it is a knit, I'll bet you can fix it up just fine. The color is gorgeous, too good to waste!

  6. Haha, It's so sad that the jacket doesn't fit because it's such a cute jacket. Maybe you should start glittering to draw attention away from the fact your jacket is too large

  7. i hate all the ease they squish into modern patterns! so annoying! according to vogue's size chart, i should be cutting a 12, but i usually end up with a 6 or an 8 (or the occasional 4!). i've learned to completely ignore the size chart & just base my size off the finished measurements that are printed on the pattern tissue.

    your jacket is a really cute style, and it will look really good once it fits :)

  8. This pattern is not made for knits. It's couture and you can't couture this pattern in a knit. If you cut it with wool and followed the instructions you will find it comes out to the correct size.

  9. This pattern is not made for knits. It's couture and you can't couture this pattern in a knit. If you cut it with wool and followed the instructions you will find it comes out to the correct size.

  10. I don't understand why you used a knit for your muslin when the pattern states wool, wool crepe, and brocade. No way were you going to get the result intended.

    You can leave out the interfacing for the muslin, but you should at least use heavy tailoring muslin to create some structure. Shoulder pads usually are used even during fitting.

    I've also never been able to sew up a pattern straight out of the package without alterations.

  11. Only very rare individuals can sew a pattern right out of the envelope. This is a couture pattern. You did not use couture skills. Please do not trash mouth a pattern company until you know what you are doing, starting with buying the correct size. May I suggest some Craftsty classes for you? There is much to be learned and this garment shows it. All that being said, I applaud your enthusiasm for sewing and would love to help you at any time. But until you have the most basic skills you will be disappointed with every couture garment you attempt to make , guaranteed!


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