Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Next up: Advance 8898 with plaiditude!

My next project is this pattern, Advance 8898 from the late 50s. It is! I looked it up online! It has the same stand-up collar as my bathrobe that I just finished. 

I have also liked looking at some new fabric at JoAnn, which they have decided to call Plaiditudes. LOL! That is such a dorky name! I will make sure my pictures are full of plaid and attitude! I chose this grey and green plaid. They all look like wool, but are in fact cotton and feel like flannel or something equally soft. 

I'm excited and so far I have been making a real effort to match up the lines. I hope this looks nice!


  1. lol i bought some of that red ~plaiditude~ the other day... mainly because the name cracked me up. it IS really soft though! almost feels like pajamas.

  2. LOVE plaiditude! It looks so SOFT! I just adore plaids, name it! Fabulous colourway too...just love how rich the green is!

  3. That 'plaiditude' look fab (and I love the funny name)!


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