Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bow down!

An offering to our kangaroo overlords!
Cupcakes: made last week by me (from a mix) I have never mastered a fluffy handmade cake.

Picture: Cut out of National Geographic magazine and framed in an Ikea frame. Andrew was horrified that he paid for a frame for the kangaroo picture. LOL!

That is all.


  1. I just read your Burdastyle interview, congratulations Miss Molly! It is well deserved!

  2. Thanks, it was exciting to be picked!

  3. Lovely frocks!!! (Thanks to Burda for your write-up, too!!!).
    I live in the bush, and there are kangaroos all around here. Lovely ones just like this, every morning there are little hints that they have been right to the house eating grass. They drive the 'boys' (Jack Russell x guard dogs) crazy, they spend a lot of each night protecting me from the monsters!
    There are also echidnas that bumble around looking for termite nests to burrow into, and dozens of gorgeous birds. Is a lovely place to live! I do get time to sew, too...(check out my blog). And happy movings north, what a big move - New Orleans was my favouritest part of the States, Chicago was 'interesting'...
    Hugs from Down Under, xxxx

  4. I just read your Burdastyle interview too and I am so impressed, I really enjoyed reading it! CONGRATULATIONS


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