Thursday, August 18, 2011

A sewing first- adding a back stay

This is the first pattern I have made where it calls for a back stay. As you can see on the illustration, the top is blousy, with a wide neckline and the back is very gathered. The back stay stabilizes the back and makes it fit close to the body. This holds the top in place, making it appear loose, while it is really very stable. In all, it makes it so that you aren't spending the whole day tugging your dress into the right shape!
 On this pattern, it also serves as the back neck facing. It is also sewn into the waist seam allowance as well.
Not a lot of links online. They mostly have to do with coats or jackets. It's an interesting thing to know about! I did it at the very end after I had done all the fitting and sewn on the buttons. I thought about leaving it off, but it slid around too much on my shoulders. After spending ten minutes plucking at my dress, trying to get it to sit right, I gave up and sewed it in.

Wiat til you see this dress! I am very proud of my work!


  1. I can't wait to see it on! It looks very pretty from the picture, I really like the plaid and the soon please!!

  2. The pattern looks great... Cannot wait to see it finished


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