Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Curtain 9-10: A very dotty bathroom

I am VERY pleased with how these curtain came out. I chose the big circles in blue and green and grey. It makes the bathroom look pleasant! What!

Now, from the hallway, you don't have to look at shelves of towels and medicine! Instead there is a delightful curtain.

 Making a shower curtain is really easy. My fabric was 54 inches wide, so I did have to match two pieces. It's really invisible. A shower curtain is 72 by72 inches, but I made it slightly longer as our tub is raised up a bit.
 I put the woodland critters in the bathroom. They used to be in the laundry room, but I am running low on things to hang up. This was the last room, so we're good. If you would like to enjoy the episode of the adorable, yet bloodthirsty southpark animals click here. This episode makes me die laughing!
 Slightly blurry. I made 12 3/8ths buttonholes for the hooks. I then discovered a bit of liquid dish soap mixed in a mug of water is really good for taking out blue chalk marks. Somehow, spacing the buttonholes was a monumental challenge for me and I ended up with 13 several times... Finally 2 inches on either edge and 6.33 inches between each hook worked.
Yay! Look at that pleasant looking bathroom!


  1. Wow, absolutely beautiful and very cheerful! You did a wonderful job and your choice of fabric is really great. Andrew's robe matches and looks really nice hanging on the door too!

  2. Great fabric, it really brightens up the bathroom. Isn't it fun to whip up curtains (shower or otherwise) to instantly transform a room?


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