Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Navy Blue Shorts

I really like this shirt, and it made me want some navy blue shorts. I already had a shorts pattern that I have made.
 Time: Less than 2 hours

Fabric: Navy polyester "bottom weight" from JoAnn

Notions: 7" zipper, slide fasteners for waist

Cost: $8

Pattern: McCalls 5657
 The Molly's Ew for this came right after I had cut out all of the pieces and was cutting the notches in, like I always do. I remembered making these shorts, because I still have them.
 But suddenly I remember that wasn't my first attempt. These were- and they were horribly tight, really they were in EPIC FAIL land. Why did I not make a note on the pattern? So I wrote a note: "Dear future Molly, stop being a moron. Add at least 1/2" to each piece before cutting so you don't look like a whore!" If you think that is harsh, go click the link and look at the first failure.
I had already cut them out, so I went down to a 1/4" seam allowance and hoped for the best. It turned out to be fine. The only thing I would adjust a little bit for the future is that the seam along the butt is wayyy to grippy. What would be the best way to fix that on a new version?

These picture have flash to show off the detail. Pockets, cuffs, no back pockets.

 On another happy yet sad note: I sold the Oldsmobile! Yay! I will miss the car because I loved it and it served me well for six years. I sold it to a nice young guy named Charles, by far the least creepy person from Craigslist I met in relation to the car selling adventure!
T-Rex was sleeping on my green chair, which is not allowed, so I pushed him down. Then he was being suspiciously quiet so I turn around and see this!
DECAPITATION! (Say that in a Mortal Combat voice) WTF, T-Rex! Now I have to sew the cat's head back on!


  1. You are too funny! I love the 'future' note you wrote to yourself :) And T-Rex---very sneaky...ehhehehehehe

  2. Cute shorts :) If you raise the back crotch they'll be less grippy. By adding more material they sit further from the body.

    I'm shocked T-Rex! I guess decapitation is more fun than napping on kitty's head ;)

  3. Cute shorts and I don't know what to say about T-Rex and his murderous tendencies!

  4. The note you wrote to your future self is hillarious! I hope when future-you sees it she laughs. I also half hope that a some point down the line your pattern ends up in the posession of someone else and they can appreciate your amusing note too!

  5. Lol, I remember those first white shorts you made! These are much more classy. I couldn't find any shorts patterns this year without a drawstring waist, yuck. I'll have to keep an eye out for the one you've got!

  6. The shorts turned out great - thank gosh for being able to change seam allowances!

    I'll side with T-Rex on this one, maybe the kitty had been taunting him and had it coming?! :-)


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