Sunday, August 7, 2011

Simplicity 6756- A bathrobe for Andrew

Making things for Andrew makes him giddy with excitement and he was being very nosy, watching me sew. Hovering. He tried to make me finish the whole thing last night, it was like being in a sweatshop. Lol. I finished it today, when my brain was fresh. 

Here is the pattern, a vintage one from my stash that I bought at an estate sale 2 summers ago I think. All of their faces are really creepy- perhaps because the do not have upper lips? 
Time: Less than 3 hours

Fabric: Blue terrycloth. It feels like a cheap towel, but that's the one he picked.

Notions: Blue thread I had

Cost: $11

Adjustments: I lengthened the sleeves an inch and added 12 inches in length, per his request. "I want a long bathrobe, like Merlin's robe." I also added a strip on the inside to serve as his "shaving towel." He thought of this...
 Eh voila!

 Perfect for lounging- another quote: "I'm never wearing clothes at home again!!"
 Side view of the ghetto booty.
 See how long it is? He is 6'3", so it was an enormous amount of fabric to be handling. I felt like I was making a quilt.
 The back. Molly's Ew was cutting the back piece on the pattern line (oops) and then having to reattach the extra 12 inches. It is practically invisible.
So Andrew is happy, I used up one more pattern from my stash and I cleaned up all the fuzz all over the place from cutting it up.

I have an interview tomorrow! Wish me luck and hopefully my interview outfit will land me a J-O-B!


  1. The robe looks great.

    Good luck with the interview, i'm sure your outfit will wow them!

  2. What a comfy looking robe. It is a great color, too. Good luck on the interview! You will certainly look very professional in your interview outfit!

  3. Fabulous robe!!! Love the shaving strip! David wants a lounging robe as well :)

    Good luck with your job interview!!!

  4. What a creative thinking guy! Your post is too funny. Glad my boyfriend doesn't wear a robe, although a smoking jacket would certainly pique my interest.

  5. LOL, I don't know what is funnier...the photo reading the book upside down or the shaving photos or the thought of Andrew never wearing clothes at home again!! You two are too funny.
    Love the color, it's a good choice for Andrew and the terrycloth won't get too hot like a fleece.

  6. Andrew looks SO happy in that robe! Lol!!!


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