Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pattern gift!

A few women I work with at the restaurant sew, so that's fun! I so rarely meet people in real life that like to sew. Diana gave me these patterns, which were her mother's. She only has sons and didn't plan on using them so I got them. Yay! I especially like the scalloped dress with the wrap skirt.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. I love that wrap dress! It almost reminds me of maternity patterns of that time. I hate putting zips in a shirt dress, I wonder if I could use that idea to make one. I bet it would be less noticeable too if it were a gathered skirt.

  2. That is fun to find someone who has the same hobby and a great bonus that she gave you some patterns!
    Speaking of sewing, I got a present in the mail today and I will give you a call later to tell you all about it!

  3. I like the Butterick 2137. I think the collar is great and I think if done in a dark wool fabric, it could be really elegant. Of course, here I am thinking of heavy fabrics in the heat of summer....

  4. What a lovely gift! I have that Simplicity one seam skirt pattern and it's one of my favourites. Just cut it to a more modern length and it's one of the quickest skirt patterns you could ever find!

  5. These patterns are delightful!! I love the scalloped dress as well. Which one are you thinking of making first?


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