Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thurlow shorts: the new Sewaholic pattern

Tasia released her newest pattern yesterday, the Thurlow. It is a pair of slightly flared pants or two versions of shorts, with or without cuffs. I was a pattern tester again, so now I finally get to show you my shorts!

While I know the brown with small white bubble fabric won my poll a few weeks ago, I went with the crazy brown and orange and white print instead. My mom was shocked that I didn't use the "winner," but I never said I would. Ha ha!

These are actually the second pair I made, so they are quite nice! I really really like them and  they are great! They have a little bit of flare to the legs, nice pockets in the front and welt pockets in the back and a curved waistband (which so many shorts patterns don't)
 I made a two and they fit nicely. My 60s polyester has a little bit of stretch, but it is a very stable fabric. The back is nice too and they are really comfortable. So far they have gotten nothing but compliments!
One key to the pattern is that the pockets sit out slightly from the shorts. I did not get this on my first pair and  the pockets are impossible to jam my hands into. On this pair, the pockets are comfortable and I can fit my hands in. They close with two pants hooks and a button, plus the zipper. On this pair I didn't make the cuffs. 
 See they are super nice from the side!
 Most of my thoughts on the pattern have to do with the back. These were the easiest and nicest-looking welt pockets I have ever made, EVER! Tasia has invented an easy way where they look so nice. After making Vogue pants with welt pockets that has about 55 billions steps and still came out all crooked and wonky, these were so satisfying to make! The look professional.
The other things I really like is that they are designed to be easily fitted to your body, so no more making pants and then having them not fit at the end. You sew up the center back seam last, so you can baste it and fit it to you perfectly. That was great!

You can go check out the line drawings and Tasia's pants and shorts here.

I have one other pair that I will post later! Happy Saturday!


  1. Cute, cute! You used my choice of fabrics, so of course I love them. My shape is way different than yours, but I think I'll order the pattern!

  2. I plan on making the pants not the shorts. But then, I'm not a size 2! The shorts look fabulous on you and I am intrigued about how easy the welt pockets were to make. I find they are difficult and time-consuming...I would love it if Tasia has an easier way to do welt pockets.

  3. Turned out really cute even if you didn't use the fabrice I chose! I like the fit, the waistband and the welt pockets, I think I might buy the pattern and try it out!

  4. These shorts look great! LOVE the pockets. I have problems with Welt pockets too. The last pair of pants that I made.... well I am not happy with the pockets. Perhaps I need to have a look at her instructions. Thanks for the referral. And nice choice of fabric.

  5. These shorts are too cute. I am planning on making them as soon as I get the pattern. I am intrigued by the welt pockets now.

  6. I've been following your blog for awhile, and I think everything you make is so cute! I'm starting my own blog now that I follow so many inspiring bloggers, so I hope I can keep up with it as well as you do!

  7. I just got this pattern in the mail yesterday, and after seeing your version, I am so flipping excited about making these! LOVE that fabric - perfect for this pattern, I think!


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