Monday, June 11, 2012

Next up: Summery Sundress

I went to a Birchbox event last week on braiding hair.. Basically you got your hair braided, some champagne and cupcakes and a birchbox of hair products to try out. It was fun and I chose the braid that wrapped around my head like a crown. I cna braid and french braid my own hair, but something this complicated is beyond my abilities. 
 I bought this printed linen to make this sundress, a See & Sew pattern. It's a medium, but I can shrink it down a bit. If you look at the line drawing, it is backless and wraps and ties in the front. That seems simple and delightful for the hot weather. Plus it's a halter top, so that is adjustable too.
 It looks cute in white, but I think that would be too see-through for my liking.
Off to work!


  1. I love the pattern for the dress. It looks like it would be very cool on a hot day. Your hair looks nice!

  2. I love your hair braided like this, it looks hard to do! The fabric is really pretty and the sundress will be so cool and confortable in the hot weather. We have a forecast for a nice week, no rain in sight!

  3. Your hair is positively lovely! I'm sorry we couldn't get our hair braided together - I've been working all kinds of crazy hours lately. I hope you were pampered to the max by the Birchbox folks! The dress pattern is fabulous - what fabric are you thinking for it?

  4. Haha whoops, I'm making it out of the fabric beneath it, a linen print.


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