Monday, June 4, 2012

Which fabric for shorts?

I want to make a pair of shorts and any of these fabrics would work nicely. I picked all of them up at different estate sales and they are all a slightly scratchy polyester. I think they are all pretty 60s, or maybe 70s? What decade do you think is right?
I put a quarter on there to give you an idea of the scale; they are all pretty bold prints. I think a dress or even a skirt would be a mistake because it would look too costumey. Like this dress I made from a similar fabric. Plus, it's a little too scratchy for a shirt.

Shorts would be perfect and I could tone the print down with a solid colored shirt. So we have at the top chocolate brown with white bubbles; bottom left is orange and brown and white geometric shapes and the bottom right is orange and light and dark brown and white (it looks like toobs with a b) I don't know if you use google analytics for your blogs, but you can see what keywords people use to end up on your page and just the casual mention of things like bra straps brings up some weird searches, so lets not even go there with goobs.

Anyways, a poll for you!
Which fabric would make cute shorts?
Brown bubbles
Orange geometry
Orange and brown toobs
None, they stink


  1. I chose orange and brown toobs. Am wanting to make a pair of shorts in a funky fabric, and that would be my choice.

  2. I choose the white bubbles but any would be cute. How scratchy is the fabric?

  3. They're all cute, but I voted for the goobs. I used to make pants out of fabric like this all the time. The bolder the better!

  4. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who gets some downright disturbing keywords coming to my blog! I've also had some quite questionable links show up as well as referring sites. I still don't know what led them to my blog, but I have a feeling they were disappointed when they got there,lol. :]


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!