Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting closer!

I added the swirls of ribbon. It was really annoying and lumpy, so I left it at one thin ribbon instead of three. Look at my photo genius- You can see the swirls in the mirror! That was an accident, of course...

As you can see I have also made my black and gold striped camisole. I did use my rotary cutter which is so fast and fun. They are 3 inch strips, and then they ended up about 2 inches wide. I made so straps. I am going to have three button closures on the back. It's pinned and ready, but I'm getting too sleepy.

Hat and sash, then the dog costume. Look at all the progress I'm making when I have a deadline! I need to make some public sewing goals and post them, so people will shame me if I start slacking!
PS This freak moth came in the other night because I left the window open and the light on. Just to give you a frame of reference, each of the strips of wood are probably two inches wide. This is by FAR the biggest moth I have ever seen. Look at its creepy fake eyes!


  1. It's looking really good, it is almost there! That moth is neat, I stayed at my aunt's one summer and she did not have a screen on her bathroom window and when you went in the bathroom in the middle of the night and turned the light on there were moths everywhere!!

  2. The costume is looking FANTASTIC! great job with the ribbon!

  3. Terrific costume. I love the moth too.

  4. Your moth is a polyphemus. They feed primarily on birch as larvae and the adults have no mouth parts. They might live two weeks, basically long enough to mate, lay eggs, then feed a hungry bird.


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