Sunday, March 25, 2012

A silk dress for spring!

I decided to remake this Vogue dress, 1161, out of the red silk Andrew brought back from China. I have been hoarding that fabric for about a year, trying to decide what to make out of it. I only changed two things from last time: I let out the skirt to the full length, because the other one rides up waaayyyy to high when I sit and I took a pinch out of the center fold of the bodice front pattern piece, which solved a slight gaping problem. 

Ta da!
 It is fully lined in Bemberg lining and it fits really well. I jammed my feet into my precious Mondrain sandals. That was hobbling. I wish those were a 6! First world problems, I know.
 The back fits nicely and the skirt has more flutter because I lengthened it. Now just keep in mind I am only five feet tall, so if you are tall you definitely need to lengthen this unless you want to show some leg!
 It's silky and nice to wear for the beautiful spring weather we are having!
This shows off the knot detail on the back and my French twist. I can so rarely do them correctly, I was pleased.

Now I'm off to work, have a great Sunday!


  1. It looks fabulous on you! I like the length. It makes the dress more versatile: now, you can wear it to so many more places. I've never made anything in silk. Do you need to line silk with any specific fabric?

  2. This looks very nice and fits you very well. I love the color of that fabric. :]

  3. This is such a beautiful dress. +1 to you and Drew!

  4. Ooo so pretty! I'm glad you finally made use of that lovely fabric. The colour looks great on you. :)

  5. Stunning! What a wonderful job you did.

  6. This came out really well! And kudos for the French twist! (I'm horrible at those.)

    By the way, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Participation is optional. Details on my blog :-) The Musings of a Dedicated Housefiancee

  7. Your hair in these pictures is lovely! I love this color on you, and the dress is so flattering. I love the cut out in the back! It's definitely perfect for the weather we were having :) Oh, those were some glorious days of Spring - may they return to us soon!


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