Friday, March 9, 2012

Welt pocket details

Here are some pictures of the welt pockets, which were time consuming. I make them so rarely that each time is like the first time. Thanks for the comments, Becca and Lauren! Sadly I can't let out the crotch seam because I decided to clip the curve (very thoroughly) before trying them on. Derp. I can't let out the sides either because the waistband is so deep and it is very securely stitched on and then topstitched down. 

In the daylight, you can see the pin-stripe as well. Here is a picture of the back:
Oh well! Live and learn!


  1. What a bummer they don't fit! They look very well made. I'm impressed with your welt pockets!

  2. Actually Molly, you do have fabric to lower the crotch curve. You sew deeper into the fabric lower down towards the knees. I wish I could find a picture for you. Starting below your current crotch stitching line at the inseam, sew the crotch seam again half an inch lower than where it currently is. Rejoin the original back crotch seam about 1/3 of the way up. This adjustment allows more fabric to cover the derriere. You could try basting this in to see how it changes the fit. I suspect that you might need to also let out the side seams. Yes it is a total pain to unpick top stitching and all that but maybe if you let out the side seams below the waistband you'd have a great pair of pants with lovely welt pockets. Fitting pants is a lot of trial and error.

  3. Here is a link to Don McCunn's blog with a picture of a lowered crotch curve. I hope he doesn't mind:

    1. Well that's definitely good to know, and you are right, I was thinking of that exactly backwards. I'm calling these pants a loss, but that's good to know for the future!

  4. The sewing is top notch and the welt pockets are awesome!


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