Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mom's Christmas Present

Last Christmas I made my mom a jacket. I used this pattern, Butterick 4610. I of course procrastinated while making it, so I didn't finish it by Christmas, when I went home to Oregon. Therefore, I had to mail it, and only got to see it modeled for me last week, when I surprise visited my parents (which was hilarious).

Making this was a screw-up festival, since I had never made a fully lined jacket before. I was aiming for B (teal), but shortened the sleeves too much and ended up with A (blond in center).

"Where are the pockets?" you ask. Ha. They looked as if a 5 year old did them, so they were left off.

The fabric was from Jo-Ann, but is actually really nice. (In case you can't tell, the Jo-Ann is the only fabric store in my area, and it's selection is weak and tacky, for the most part) It was lightweight wool suiting in a choclate brown with camel and brown swirls. The lining is in the same camel color, which looks nice.

Two minute modeling session in the front yard, since it was 90 out.

Overall it looks nice, but it turned out a little big. That was before I figured out the ridiculous ease on modern patterns. I probably could have made it two sizes smaller, and it would have fit perfectly.

Mom claims she likes it, and hopefully that's true!! and is not just trying to prop up my self esteem. It's far from perfect, and the little asian lady at the dry cleaners scoffed at my sewing (particularly the lapels) when i took it in to get the buttonholes done, but I think it turned out okay. For a first attempt at a lined jacket, with no chances to fit it on the person it was for.

Is that enough of a disclaimer? Ha ha!

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  1. I love the blazer! I have received many compliments at work. The fit and workmanship is better than you describe and the fabric is a really nice light weight wool.
    Love, Mom


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