Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cape update and 100 follower giveaway!!!

Currently, I have put together the main part of the cape. It is beige wool from Mood- it's really nice. As of now, I am being stumped by my fear of screwing up the collar, and of the welt pockets on the front, which I have never done before.
I did successfully "ease in fullness" the sleeve/over should part. It is perfectly lump-free!

When I cut it out, I really did not realize there are hand-holes, so you can use your pockets. Duh, Molly. Makes sense after the fact!

My giveaway:
You can read my review of the dress and why it doesn't work for me HERE, but many other people thought it was very cute! Itr has 3/4 sleeves, a scalloped dropped waist, and a pleated skirt (big pleats). It is pretty loose on me; it would best fit someone around a 34-28-(loose). Whoever that may be- you, daughter, friend, etc!

So, if you want to be in the drawing for it, be (or become) a follower and leave a comment by Friday at noon and I will draw a winner out of a hat Fri evening! So if you do enter, check back on Friday to see if you won!

PS- I will mail it wherever, but it will be slow, cheap mail. All I want in return is a picture of someone happily wearing it and enjoying it!


  1. This is a beautiful dress - I love the waistline : ) I think it would fit me too! Glad you're giving it away!!!

  2. Ohhhh la la, I love your cape.
    That is so much fun that you are doing a giveaway. I will keep posted to see how many people respond and to see the lucky winner : )

  3. hii! I've recently discovered your blog and I love it! :)
    I've just become a follower (I'm cookie_monster) and would love to win such a beautiful dress!


  4. robin (aka mom) you are ineligible because you are related to me- it's like the lotto! ha ha

  5. The cape is lovely. I'm glad I found your blog.

    Count me in for the dress!!!!!!!

  6. I'm a follower! Please enter me in your give away! I love the dress, and if it doesn't fit me, it will fit my sister!

    PS - I love your b&w sundress. Gorgeous!!!

  7. I bought the blue and white stripe at Joann's and I think it is five yards +. I really think it would make a cute retro dress with a full skirt,


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