Saturday, April 10, 2010

Garage Sale Loot!!!

My school's mascot is the pirates, so I am fully authorized to use the word loot, FYI.

I spent a good chunk of the morning driving around Metairie (a suburb of New Orleans), alternately getting lost and getting pissed off.

I think the legislature should pass a law that says "An estate sale can only be promoted as such when the entire contents of the house and adjacent building(s) shall be open to the public and for sale. Heretofore, the punishment will be tarring and feathering." I'm going to write to my Congresspeople! lol.

In all seriousness, if your "estate sale" is a measly pile of junk that makes a regular yard sale look immensely appealing, you don't have an "estate sale."

However, I have found one estate liquidating company that is awesome. I told the woman she had really great, reasonable prices, and she shrugged and said "yeah, it's just a lot of old junk mostly."

I am giggling wildly.

Look at my loot! Please note, it was going to cost me $3.50, but she gave it to me for $3 so she could save her quarters. ;)

A flat sheet. There are two in this pattern.

A nice little future booze pitcher and another flat sheet.

One dinner plate.

All my loot. This includes a Jewel cassette tape (the cd player is also broken on my wondermobile), an old juicer and 2, I REPEAT 2, Le Creuset cast iron enameled frying pans!!!

So in the future, if some snob is like "Well, I have Le Creuset as well, and mine is much nicer and in new, modern colors," I will slap her in the face and say "Well, mine cost 33 cents each, b*%#$!"

They are both harvest orange, one is 9 inches and enameled outside only and the other is 6 inches, with white enamel on the inside. The both could use a scrubbing, but are otherwise great. I just looked them up on and the big one would cost $99.95 and the small one would be $69.95. Ahahahahahahahaha! Awesome!

Also, the juicer is kind of beat up, but it works! and it has all it's parts! So when my lemons ripen (the first word I thought of was "hatch" lol) I can make delicious lemonade with my 33 cent juicer machine. Bet you can't buy a juicer for 33 cents!

Hopefully you are all jealous and will go to some garage sales tomorrow to try to top my finds. Good luck!!


  1. I love how all of your loot is in the same color family, oranges and yellows. That has got to be rare unless of course the former owner's favorite color is orange. I love the pattern of that first sheet!

  2. fantastic finds! especially the le creuset!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure that dinner plate is the same pattern as my grandmothers set!
    BTW, I found you through Sew Retro!

  4. Great score, even after getting lost! I hate when the advertise "Estate" and it's junk on the driveway. Good job!

  5. I am jealous! Great glad I found your blog. Nice to meet you.
    I love, love, love your lemon dress and the blue dress. You look so cute in them. I hope you are sharing your love of sewing and thrifting with your students.

  6. Every time I stumble upon one of those to die for estate sales, I think, "So this is what it must of felt like for the archeologists who uncovered King Tut's tomb!"

  7. woah, i am so impressed with you treasures! great find!!

  8. The Le Creuset is great, I had a dutch oven in the orange color and loved it, are you going to use the sheets as sheets or for sewing?

  9. Le Crueset? You lucky girl! Why can't I stumble on a Le Crueset?!

    Wyld Woman


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