Wednesday, April 14, 2010


To answer two recent questions:

1. Where did you get the labels?

The labels were from and the style I bought was about 28 bucks for 40. Fanciness and more writing makes the price go up. They have lots of other designs and sayings!

2. How have you been sewing so much?

I have been sewing a lot lately, but don't give me too much credit. Not only did I have a full week off of work for Spring Break, but my boyfriend was in Europe for 2 weeks, and part of those overlapped. So I was lonely and had LOTS of free time. I expect my sewing will slow down for the next 6 weeks, but then it's summer break!!

Bonus made up question: How lazy are you?

I am so lazy, the only thing from preventing me from beginning my next project is that I need to wind the bobbin with black thread (and, yes, I only have one bobbin.)


  1. Thank you so much for answering the question about the labels. I have been wanting to get some for a while now; but they can be so expensive. But this seems like a reasonable price. I love your lazy question. Do you know? So many times that's what keeps me from doing a project, too. Silly, huh?

    I just love your blog and everything you sew.

  2. Your blog is so good because it is just like talking to you, fun and entertaining! I am so happy you got the job for next year. I really love the fabric for your next project and can't wait to see it on you. The labels are so great just think sometime in the future something you have made and given to charity or whatever someone will love and buy and wonder who is Molly M. who made this?

  3. Lazy seamstress here too, or procrastinator?


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