Monday, April 5, 2010


I am procrastinating doing work for school tomorrow... so here are the fruits of my labors:
Look at my lemons! I am glad re-potting it didn't make it angry. You can also see my car down below. Can you see the yellow spot where the paint fell off? That was my latest car surprise when I went through the car wash. lol. I love you, Oldsmobile!
My tiny dills are sprouting.
My asparagus shot up about 3 inches overnight. The lighting is bad, it IS green, I swear!
I finished my blue dress! It's the same pattern as the lemon dress, but tweaked a little to fit better. I shortened the skirt pieces because I had less fabric and because I ended up cutting off several inches last time. I also took about 1/2" on the fold from the front and back (bodice and skirt) to make up for the inches I had to take in on the other finished version.

Overall, I am satisfied!


  1. Your lemon tree looks way healthier than mine and it even has lemons on it. The dress looks great. I love the fabric and the neckline.

  2. I love the blue dress!! Your lemons are really growing and the dill is sprouting, it won't be long until your patio smells wonderful...lemon and dill! We used to buy our xmas tree from a farmer who planted asparagus and he would pick it when it was the size of a skinny pencil and eat it raw, he said it was best that way! : )

  3. I really like the blue fabric for this dress...nice job!

  4. That looks awesome, I can't believe that fabric was at Jo-Anns, it surely looks vintage.


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