Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So far, so good!

Good things:

1. It is standardized testing week, and while that makes the students insane, I have nothing to do or prepare each night. Wonderful! Now I can focus my energies on margaritas!

2. I found out that I officially have a permanent position for next year, although I don't know what subject yet. Hopefully 6th grade, cross your fingers for me!!!!

3. I got my awesome clothing labels in the mail today!
4. My aunt cleaned out her stash of vintage button and now I have 6 billion. I need to think of something red, with lots of buttons!
5. I have cut out all of the pieces of my next dress...
6. My boyfriend is back from his 2 week trip...and he nearly owes me my 100 follower dinner. Yay! (This should be #1, but I don't feel like renumbering...)

7. I just saw the cutest stray cat- I think I will start feeding it. It is tortoiseshell with green eyes and a nub tail.

I hope you all are having a good week too!


  1. I thought I had been following you, but turns out I wasn't. Now you have 95 followers! Where are you going for a fancy dinner?

  2. You have been so productive lately. How lucky to have received all of those vintage buttons. I love buttons, but what sewer doesn't?

    Where did you purchase your labels from? I really need to get some.

  3. Where did you get those labels! I want some for myself!

  4. Oh, I vote for the Beignet Skirt in red with red buttons : ) (this is actually exactly what I am working on now.) I should propose a similar idea to my boyfriend. I could use a fancy dinner : ) Enjoy those vintage buttons!

  5. The buttons are so neat, thanks to Aunt Sherry.


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