Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garage Sale Loot!!!

Today, I dragged Andrew along. However, after some minor arguing about directions (hardly unusual) we went to a bunch and found a little bit of cool stuff. Then we had sushi for lunch and walked around the French Quarter gawking at tourists. Haha.
This is a pretty, heavy pewter frame that was only $2!
These cute little matching teacups/mugs were marked 7 for $3. Although there were 8. At that sale it looked like the HBO show Treme, which they film in New Orleans, had come earlier and bought a bunch of stuff. Random.

I got the yellow Pyrex bowl at another estate sale. It was $5, which isn't super cheap, but the white inside and colored outside is my favorite kind!

This was Andrew's choice, which was $4. Minus the dents, it's a nice thermos that has the lid-cup and a cork stopper and is leather on the outside.

This was cut out of the Wall Street Journal. If I end up going to NYC over the summer, I definitely want to see this exhibit. Look how stunning that outfit is. I love everything about it- the cape-coat, the polka dots, the dress, the bubble hem that looks scalloped....beautiful!! You can see a better online picture here.

If anyone ever sees a fabric like that pattern, please, let me know!!

Now I can chill for awhile, then off to help with the spring dance. The kids will so awkward and adorable, it's worth the Saturday evening.

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  1. I love your loot, especially the pewter frame, no I like the cups and the bowl too! : )


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