Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shopping Online!

I love shopping for pretty dresses, and then not buying them. I also enjoy looking at the prices and thinking about how much less it would cost to sew it.

I think that for most of these you would need less than 3 yards of fabric and maybe a burda style pattern, or even just adjust pattern pieces you already own!


Banana Republic: $130

This would be a snap to make!
Nordstrom's: $158

I think this dress is adorable, and would be easy to make with some small ajdustments on 60's patterns I already own.


Nordstrom's: $248

Obviously, I like this style. It is boob-maximizing and waist-minimizing- certainly something I could appreciate!

Nordstrom: $445

This dress is adorable! Even if the fabric is $20/yard, how could this dress cost you more than 60-70 bucks? $445? Sure, if you're giving me a trust fund! Ha ha!

Banana Republic: $110

Now I don't really like this style- it is very shapeless. However, I would just like to point out, since I saw it in person, that it is ok fabric. However, the stitching on the neckline was white, over the dark blue part. It was terribly obvious and made it look really cheap, which it is not at $110!

Does anyone else just shop to poach ideas and/or criticize clothes? I find I do!


  1. HaHa! I do!! *Waves Hand* I have an huge folder on my computer for clothing idea pictures thats broken down by who I borrowed the image from. I use photoshop to point out what I loved just in case I forget :)

  2. The first three dresses from the top down are super cute! The third dress reminds me of the black and white print fabric you bought and would make a great dress = good poaching!


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!