Thursday, April 15, 2010

Les Cadeaux

I wasn't really expecting presents, but my boyfriend brought me back some from Europe! These were from Paris:
I really like the one with the stripe up the leg- very retro.

The oats he got on his side trip to Scotland with his mom and sister. I think he described them as: "the only thing at a Scotch breakfast that won't make you gag."

The tea is from the very best tea shop (in my opinion) in Paris, Mariage Freres. They have a cool website here.
Too bad you can't smell the delicious tea. It smells very delicate and flowery, but not like roses.

These are my gift to myself. I ordered XS from Nordstrom's junior's department, but they were too tight! I looked like a saucisson (sausage, possibly one of my favorite French words)!

I love Nordstroms!! Not only was the exchange free, even though I bought them online, the girl on the phone was great and they include return labels in the package to make returning it even easier. Everyone should shop there!! (when you have the cash...)
They are all delightful! Andrew's comment: "Wow, I didn't know I was dating Mr. Rogers!" LOL. I do love 3/4 length cardigans! Now I have 13!

Now, I will try to sew.

P.S. Did you notice how I made the sweaters hug each other? Good, because I did that on purpose.


  1. I like the tights! I agree about the Scottish breakfast...yucky!

  2. You are sooo lucky to get presents! I love all of it, especially the tea, I remember you taking me to that shop. The tights are awesome and look parisienne : ) How many sweaters? I know they really do last forever.


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