Friday, April 9, 2010

Take Two- Simplicity 4782

This is the same pattern as the Lemon Dress.

The side view shows off its nice A-line shape. I once again did a twice folded under hem to give it more stiffness and body, and hemmed it on the machine.
Front view. I had a half-yard less of this fabric, so I was forced to make this one a bit shorter. It comes to my knees instead of just below.
I love these shoes. I got them at an estate sale towards the end of high school, when I was starting to get over my desperately-caring-about-what-everyone-thinks phase. My mom and I went and the house was just stuffed. I bought a fur and these shoes. The people running the sale said it was the third or fourth straight weekend, and they had only emptied the downstairs and one room upstairs. "Hoarder" was not a common tern (at least in my vocabulary) in 2000, but that had to have been the case. Too bad we didn't go back...
They are made out of some kind of plastic-like substance, and have rounded toes and very high heels, which is why they don't get much play. I think they are super cute, and are navy blue, it's kind of hard to tell in the photos.

I just googled the brand "Salon Debs" but got nothing. It also says "designed exclusively for Block's." I searched for Block's department store, and there was one in Indianapolis from 1896 to 1987. It would be kind of amazing if they had traveled from there to Oregon, but it's possible!
Here's the baby T-Rex being adorable!
Have a good weekend everyone! I know I will- we don't have to turn in lesson plans next week because of state testing, so it's like I was given three more hours of weekend! Yay!!


  1. What a great fit! This is so beautiful you really did an excellent job : )

  2. Love your dress. It's beautiful. Now you only need 29 more followers to get to go to dinner. Emily and I signed up. I also put you on my blog list. I should have done that a long time ago.

  3. It's gorgeous! Also, tell your boyfriend it's time for dinner. Lots of people don't use Google Follow, they use rss feeds. In Reader alone you've got 95 followers! So, your total is well over 100. Where is he going to take you?

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  4. Sarah, good to know! Thanks!

  5. Lovely dress! I really like the fabric!!

  6. What a delightful dress! I followed here over from Sew Retro, and am now following your blog, too. :)


  7. Love the reward for followers! LOL! Hope you get that dinner soon. And have to say, wow, you are so do you get all this sewing work done and do anything else? And the dress, it might be my favorite so far...impeccable!!

  8. I love your new dress. Don't think I'm weird, but you should hem your dresses to this length all the time. It's perfect for your great legs!

  9. Very cute! The skirt stands out so well... you must have done a great job with the fabric!


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